Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Brody is working on sitting-up by himself. He can sit for about 15 seconds now before he falls over. I keep telling Brody that if he would gain a little more weight, it would be easier for him to balance. He doesn't really have any rolls to prop himself on! Haha! It's so cute when he is able to balance and sit-up because he smiles really big. I think he is proud of himself! Right before he falls over, you will notice he starts to grab the carpet to try and keep himself balanced! It's so sweet!

We also started Brody on stage 2 baby food. We are still just doing basic veggies and fruits. This morning he had rice and applesauce baby food. It was a 5 oz jar. He was still crying for more after he finished so I gave him 1/3 cup of plain rice cereal. He ate it soooo fast! I think he would have eaten more but I thought he would explode. He had already nursed for about 30-45 minutes an hour before he ate all this. I think he got our metabolisms considering he is in the low percentiles for weight and eats more than other babies we know that are his age. Josh is so proud of him, but I worry I'm not feeding him enough. I talked to our pedi and she said it was just fine and that he just found his appetite. Yeah, his and 4 other babies' appetites. Seriously, where does he put it?

Yesterday, at MDO they gave him an 8oz bottle, then immediately gave him rice cereal and carrots and he still cried for more. They said he started eyeing another little girl's bottle and tried to take it from her! I tried to reassure them that I feed him and that wasn't his first meal in days, but he sure acts like it is. It was so bad that I had to nurse him when I got there, in his MDO room. I send two 8oz bottle and his lunch and he is only there for 4-4.5 hours! There are some days when we have given him and 8oz bottle and then he will take 2oz more out of another bottle right after that. Thank goodness for the fenugreek!! I should just buy stock in that stuff. I think if I can make it through breastfeeding him for a year, our other kids will be a breeze! People keep saying maybe it's a growth spurt, but I'm pretty sure there is just a hole in his stomach. It doesn't help that he cannot sit still. I'm not even kidding. The only time he isn't moving his legs and arms is when he is asleep, and even then he just rolls around the crib. I'm just thinking about fixing him a steak and baked potato for supper. Maybe that will hold him over!! haha!!


Kelly said...

oh boy - he and Harper would make a good pair. I can't imagine how happy she will be once she gets food. Harper moves constantly too. She kicks her legs all day and night. I always say she will be a rockette or a soccer star.
Brody is just growing fast and getting cuter!!!

Shannon said...

So cute!!!

Julie said...

oh my. he is one heck of an eater! way to go, brody!

Julie said...

Oh, how I've missed seeing sweet Brody!! He is so cute!! I love the little golfer outfit, the fireman socks, and the many faces of Brody! Adorable!!

If he keeps eating so much, he will probably have those rolls that will help balance him!! I'm glad he is healthy and likes his food.

Julee said...

I am so sad I missed this huge milestone!! 6 month bday, sititng up and a almost new tooth. Lots can happen in a week... I need to come home!

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

I never know if I am feeding Lilly enough either--and she isn't getting quite that much!! She has the rolls though. (c: Lilly can sit up for a little while but she would rather roll and rock back and forth on her knees. She is always moving too--I joke that I think she has restless leg syndrome! Anyway, Brody is so strong and cute!!! PS..I cried like a baby at Marley and Me too--twice!

Emily said...

Cute video. He is doing very well at sitting up. Lincoln can sit for maybe 5 seconds and then he topples over... but my granny use to say their butts are just to round still.

I can't believe his appetite. I don't know where he puts it... he is so tiny.

Lea Liz said...

I feel like your Brody has grown so fast, already sitting up? He is too cute!!
When did you start rice cereal? when does baby food start? I don't know any of this!
Brody nurses ALL the time, I feel like its all I get done!!!
What helped you to pump out more milk???

Katie said...

Yea for sitting up! How cute.

Mandi said...

Brody grabbing the carpet is SO cute! It's fun watching little ones learn how to sit up. (:

I can't believe his appetite!!!