Tuesday, April 28, 2009


When Brody wakes up in the mornings, he is usually pretty happy. We know he is up because we can hear him cooing or jabbering in his crib. Sometimes when we go in to get him we play peek-a-boo with him. His crib in near the door of his nursery, so we sneak in an squat by the side of the crib, then, we pull the bumper down and say "peek-a-boo!" Well, yesterday Brody decided to play the game first. I heard him talking and went in to get him and he was already peeking over the bumper. It was precious! We played back in forth for a little while. I think he really loves the game, now that he knows how to play!

And I have to brag on Brody! I have been determined to get rid of junk in our house. Anything we don't use, need or know we have is going out! Well, I started my little purging spree yesterday and decided to clean our file cabinet and coat closet out first. It was slightly awful, but I got it done! Brody was such big help! He took 3 naps yesterday and slept for almost 6 hours during the day! It was so nice, because I was able to get everything cleaned out and put away while he slept!

Today, I'm doing the guest bedroom/wedding closet. I call it the wedding closet because it holds all our china, glass, and silver! If you don't hear from me in the next couple of days, then someone come look for me! I might be in there a while!


Emily said...

Oh Brody is too cute!

I need to be cleaning up around here too.. maybe Brody can tell Lincoln how to take those naps for me.

Kelly said...

Brody is adorable peeking over his bumper!
I'm on the same purging mission - every little chance I get when Harper actually naps - I'm cleaning out or cleaning something. I got most of the way through my clothes yesterday.

Katie Spinks said...

Brody is too cute! Way to go on the cleaning... its a great feeling of accomplishment when its done eh!

Jessica said...

He is so funny!! : )