Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sweet Brody

I realized I had neglected my blog when Josh started telling me I needed to update. That's when I know it's bad! Ha! We have been busy, but I have no idea what is keeping us busy...does that makes sense? I guess a baby can keep anyone busy!

Josh and I went to get Brody an Easter outfit the other night. He's not real fond of some of the "sweet" baby boy outfits, so he had to go to supervise my shopping! Haha! I found something we both liked. I'm having it embroidered right now. I can't wait to see how cute it turns out. I think Brody is going to look sooooo sweet in it! The picture above is in another outfit I bought that night. I couldn't decide between the two, so I got both and brought them home to try on him. I still think this one is so cute. He can definitely wear it to church this spring. ( I can't take a picture of him these days without drool being all over his face!)

We are having the BEST time with Brody! He is starting to really show his personality. He is jabbering so much. It is the sweetest thing! He makes the ba, la, ma and da sounds right now and sometimes the na sound. We like to pretend he is saying real words! Like the other night he said "ma" several times in a row and I told Josh he was saying my name! Haha! This video below is of Brody jabbering a little and me jabbering A LOT. I really hate hearing myself on video, but it's a sweet video of Brody. Towards the end, I say "can you say hi daddy" and it kind of sounds like Brody says "hi daddy" back to me! Haha! It's really cute!
And I HATE April Fools Day. When I was a freshman in college, my dad called my mom and told her he was getting transferred to Florida and that they would talk about it that night. Well, my mom called and told Jill and then Jill called and told me. I was at OBU about to cry to my roommate because I thought I was going to have to fly home anytime I wanted to see them. At the time, my family was living in Benton, which was 40 minutes from the college I attended. Florida was a lot further away!!! He later called to apologize for doing that and said he didn't know that they would call and tell me. Then, on April Fools Day last year, I was 13 or 14 weeks pregnant and very emotional. Well, dad did it again. He called mom and told her a similar story, but he said it was Texas this time. I was crying so hard on the phone with Jill, telling her that they were never going to see the baby (I didn't know it was Brody yet!). I asked her who was going to be here to help me when the baby was born! It was crazy!!! I was BESIDE myself! Finally, dad called again to tell me he was sorry. It was only meant to trick my mom!! Haha! So I'm just not answering if my family calls today! Haha!!


The Allens said...

Yes, I have discovered that a baby keeps you busy and you have no idea how!

Kelly said...

Your dad sounds funny!!!
Brody looks precious! You can only dress boys in little sweet outfits for a very short time so you need to do it. Tell Josh he will still be manly and play football! ha! (It's probably best we don't have a boy because I would put him in frilly boy things constantly and Scott would HATE it).

Jill said...

I L-O-V-E the little outfits! I can't wait to see him all dressed up looking very GQ on Easter! The video melts my heart! What a sweet little baby! I can't wait until he says "hi aunt jilly" you will see tears!
i still laugh about dad fooling us two years in a row! i was excited about texas, he told me we could get a box at the new dallas cowboys stadium! bless your heart!

Katie said...

That video is so cute! I love him eating his sweet feet! It really does sound like he says "Hi, Daddy!" And I loooooooooove his outfit! So sweet! I was at a boutique yesterday and looking at all the boy outfits...they were similar to this. I hope one day I have a son to dress up! (I would totally be guilty of dressing him "too precious" according to Mike! Oh well...they are precious little babies...they can be men later!)

Heather said...

I love that sweet outfit! Can't wait to see Easter pics! I hope it gets warm because Connor's outfit is shorts!!! :)
I have missed you blogging, but I totally get the "busy without really knowing what we've been doing" thing!

Shannon said...

That video was so cute. :)
That is hilarious about your dad!!!
See you tonight!

Megan said...

Those stories about your dady fooling you girls is hillarious!! The video is too cute!

Julie said...

Brody is just the cutest prince!!! I love his little outfit and I cannot wait to see what he looks like on Easter.

I love love the pictures of the two of you in the earlier post!! Beautiful!!

Jenna said...

Oh I just never get tired of seeing pictures of that sweet boy!

That is too funny about your dad!

Julee said...

OOHH!! I just love the video! He is so sweet and precious! I was laughing out loud over Phil's April Fools joke! We need to get him good next year! We will have a year to plan it. And because I know he reads this " Phil just get ready!" :)
Miss you and cant wait to see you as soon as we get back!