Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Blue Ring Pop

Last night, Josh and I were taking Brody to church for FNO (Friday Night Out). I had a ring pop in my car that Jill had given Josh and he decided he was going to open it. He stuck it in his mouth and within seconds, his mouth was blue. No big deal if we were at home, but we were about to drop Brody off at the church nursery and then go out to eat. I told him his mouth was blue, which just encouraged him to continue and he started rubbing the ring pop on his lips. How old are we again?

By the time we got to church, Josh's lips were completely blue along with his tongue and teeth. The ring pop was at least half way gone,and he still was wearing it on the top of his pinkie. I told him he had to go in and drop Brody off with his blue mouth. I was thinking this was be really embarrassing for Josh, but if you know him, you know absolutely nothing embarrasses him. I sure wasn't going in with them and have people think I had two children. One in a car seat and the other, a 26 year-old blue-mouthed man.

Josh came out to the car just smiling. I asked him if anyone said anything to him at the front desk and he said no one did. I told him they probably thought he didn't know his mouth was blue, so they didn't want to say anything to him. He told me when he took Brody to the nursery, one of the sweet older ladies tried to take the ring pop off his finger because she thought it was Brody's pacifier! I was mortified at that point!

By the time we got to the restaurant, Josh was in full smurf mode. I couldn't believe we were going in there and he was totally blue mouthed. I wouldn't let him go put our name on the list because his mouth was so blue. But, while we were waiting on our table, Josh decided to go ask for a menu. Mister no shame!!!

When he sat back down with the menu he was laughing. I asked him what was so funny (other than his blue mouth) and he told me he scared the girl who gave him the menu. He asked for the menu and when she looked up and saw his mouth it scared her! Honestly?? Do you people see what I deal with? She kept smiling at him and laughing. At which point, I slid down the bench a little because I didn't want her to think he was with me. Haha!

Oh, and did I mention that there was a couple sitting beside us on the bench with a baby and Josh struck up conversation with them, blue mouthed and all. So embarrassing. The lady probably held the baby tighter after Josh started asking about the little girl. I finally had to lean over and explain that we were parents and had a son. Only God knows what that lady was thinking when she heard me say that. She probably thought I said, I'm the parent and this is my son! I wanted to die. He had forgotten his mouth was blue so he just talked away.

We finally sat down and ordered. By the time Josh ate, his mouth wasn't blue anymore. Thankfully, because we ended up seeing some friends from church and some friends we went to college with as well. Of course, our college friends wouldn't have been surprised. They know the real Josh Francis. :)

So that's a recap of our romantic date night without Brody. Geez, I can't wait for next week. Maybe we can bust out the fun dip or the pop rocks on our date.

And my family wonders why I'm so serious. I have to be. Josh doesn't have a drop of seriousness in his body.
(Josh, I still love you!)


Julee said...

I cant believe you didn't call me and tell me this story!! I just laughed out loud at work and now everyone is asking what is so funny!! HAAH! Oh Josh! Maybe you should just wait to have more kids to make sure Brody isn't going to be just like Josh! You are going to be in some trouble if you have 2 Josh Francis!

Shannon said...

That is hilarious!

Jenna said...

Oh I love it! That is so funny.

Ya'll remind me of two of my best friends who are married. He is a total funny guy and she is the more sane and much more serious (yet still fun!) member of the marriage. :-) One time she said, "I think my husband is the funniest person on earth. Sometimes I just laugh on the inside."

Paige said...

I found your blog a few months ago. I've never commented but had to on this post, because your Josh sounds a lot like my Josh! Nothing embarrasses him. In fact I'm usually the one embarrassed for him and he doesn't get why I have to be so serious. I always have to tell him because someone has to be an adult. I often feel like he is just another child. Oh, and I think my youngest is exactly one month younger than Brody, so I usually read to see what Brody is up to so I know what I have to look forward to with mine.

Heather said...

This is too funny! My niece had a blue ring pop last Sunday on Easter and it did the same thing! My Sister-in-law was just glad she didn't get it on her easter dress, though!
You guys are still laughing and having fun together- that's a good thing! :) Glad you got a date night, even if your husband was a smurf!!

Jill said...

you should had put up the picture that you sent me lastnight!! so funny! i am glad he enjoyed the ring pop - next time i will get red or pink!! ;)

Superchikk said...

Ok, promise me we will never allow Husband and Josh to "play" together, for it would be a disaster...for us. ha!

Yeah, our FNO was getting ice cream. Romantic, huh? It was yummy, though!

Kelly said...

This was so funny.
My husband is the same way. He has no shame. ;) I guess that is one of the things we love (but don't always like) about them. :)