Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a really fun weekend celebrating Josh's birthday. Since Friday was his birthday, he got to leave work at noon. We left for Branson as soon as Josh got home and we were there by early afternoon, which was so much better than getting there at 7:30 or 8. We stayed at the Hilton Promenade at the Branson Landing, which was great because we could walk right out of the lobby and go shop! And it was great to be so close to the hotel room if we needed to run back upstairs with Brody.

We shopped some Friday afternoon. Then, my college roommate, Katie came and met us at the hotel. She lives in Branson and works for K Life. When we were talking on the phone this past week, she offered to come watch Brody in our hotel room so that Josh and I could go to dinner for his birthday. So sweet of her! It worked out really well because the restaurant we went to was in the Landing so we were right there by the hotel if she needed me to run back upstairs for anything. Of course, she didn't! Brody had a lot of fun with her! Thanks again, Katie!
The three of us before Josh and I went to eat.
Here is a picture of Brody in his hotel crib! Haha! He slept in it until about 5:30 or 6. Not our usual 12 or 13 hours a night, but it was a good amount of sleep for being away from home!

Saturday we just hung around the hotel and went a shopped at the Carter outlet, then headed back home. Before we left, I nursed Brody in a parking lot. Yep, I'm that kind of mom! I got this cute picture of him and Josh before we put him back in his carseat. Before you think I'm Britney Spears, the car was parked in a parking lot!! :)

Saturday night, we went to eat at my parent's house to celebrate Josh's birthday. My dad cooked steaks and they were soooo good! I didn't get very many pictures out there because my camera battery was about dead, but I did get a few. I'm not for sure where Brody was when we took this pic. Either with Gigi or Big Daddy!

This is a picture of Josh's cake from Rick's Bakery. He has this new obsession with motorcycles. Uhhh! He thinks he needs one and I think Brody needs a dad, so that's about how we have settled it around here. Josh's dad has several that he has bought recently and Josh begged me last weekend to let him bring one back up here from Benton. He wanted me to follow him while he rode it up. Ummm No! So this was my family's way of giving him a motorcycle for his birthday! Haha! This was one CUTE cake!

Hope you had a great weekend as well!


Jenna said...

What a FUN weekend! Loved all the pictures - your little family of 3 is just TOO cute. And I LOVE that dress your wearing in the last picture!! Have a great week, my friend!

Kelly said...

SO funny - Scott always talks about wanting a motorcycle and I always tell him he can get one with his 2nd wife because it will NOT happen while I'm married to him - I need him. ha!
That Branson trip sounds fun - how was the carter outlet?
I totally fed Harper in a parking lot last week. Never thought I would ever be doing that but she was hysterical and I was taking her to my office and I didn't have time to go back home. ha ha ha! The things we do............

Julee said...

Such cute pics from the weekend! I am so glad you and Josh had a great weekend. I wish I had been there to eat one of those great steaks. I am sure the photo session wasn't the same without me! :) I am missing Brody so I will probably come by soon! Maybe I will bring Lisa to see him if she doesn't leave tomorrow!

MELISSA said...

loved the family photo.. brody looks so alert!
and i loved that dress you had on in that pic of just you and your hubby!

Amanda said...

Tell Josh your good friend the trauma nurse said NO MOTORCYCLE! I want him to be in one piece to watch Brody grow up, end of story! :-) I'll be happy to send you some stories if you would like! Haha!

I'm glad you all had a great weekend and very Happy Birthday!

Shannon said...

That cake is cute! Cody had a motorcycle for about a year and then got over it. Maybe that is what Josh will do. :)

Josh needs to ask Cody how he did the mantel and then Josh can do it. Although I'm pretty sure it was all Cody's dad! ha!

Mandi said...

It looks like ya'll had as much fun as we did! Can I please come eat cake with you sometime???

I'm with you on the motorcycle thing...Brody needs a dad! (:

The Allens said...

That's hilarious about the motorcycle debate! I'm with you!

Cindy said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Cute pics and that cake looks awesome!