Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy 5 Month Brody!!

Brody turned 5 months old today!! I need this to slow down! I feel like it's just going too fast for me! Haha!! I think this month's cake turned out super cute! I can honestly say that this was my very first St. Patty's Day cake! It was sooooo good! We started getting chocolate cake last month and I think it is even better than the white cake! I might eat a piece for breakfast in the morning!! Haha!

Heart breaker!!His little belly is finally starting to grow from all that food he eats!
He was getting real comfy in that chair! Ha!
Since he couldn't eat cake, he just ate his hands and feet!!!

Jill and Julee are so prissy with their hands on their hips!

I love this picture!
(Big Daddy had to run before we got his picture!!)
Everyone asks us if we will continue this after the first year, and the answer is no. The month birthdays stop with month 11! Then, we move on to year birthdays. I do plan on doing this with each of our kids (assuming that we are blessed with more children). That means we might have 40+ month b-day cakes before we are all done! I was thinking about it and the Duggars would have 198 if they did them for 11 months with all 18 kids! Whoa!


Julee said...

I LOVE the last pic! He just gets sweeter and sweeter every day!! I also really like the pic of us girls and smiling brody! I am also ready for those dang teeth to come in so he doesn't have his hands in his mouth in every picture! Thanks for including me in your family even though my husband thinks I shouldn't be invited! :)

Mandi said...

What a great cake! I think chocolate cake sounds like a perfectly suitable option for breakfast. (:

Lea Liz said...

Cute cake!! Brody is adorable, Im glad ot see im not the only one who has the roll the wasitband of some pants, hehe.

Emily said...

Love the cake!

Happy 5 months Brody! He is such a cutie!

The Allens said...

That cake is the best! And awesome pictures!

Shannon said...

The cake is cute! Chocolate would be my fave too.

Those pictures were so cute!

miss shortcake said...

What a cute idea! We don't have any children yet, but we do celebrate our "monthaversaries" for each month we've been married (again, up to one year)!

Jenna said...

That cake is soooo cute! Almost as cute as the little man!! Happy 5 months to Brody!

Harris Family said...

Yay for the birthday cake picture! I wish I still lived in Fayetteville so I could get our little one a cake from Rick's every month! Actually so I could get the baby's momma a cake from Rick's every month!!! Happy 5 months Brody! You get more handsome every month!

Megan said...

Just came across your blog. That cake is so cute! And your little boy is adorable!!

Kristi said...

I totally agree, time needs to STOP!!!! My girls just turned 9 months and I can't believe it. I love the cake idea, and yes that is a really cute St. Patricks day cake. He is precious, enjoy your time with him because it does go by way too fast!

Kelly said...

I love your cake tradition! That March cake is too cute! WE couldn't have that tradition here because we are too chubby to start with. ha!
Did I read this right that there may be 4 kids in your future??? I hope so - you have done so well with one!

Jill said...

we are prissy and proud! haha! i love the little man so much! what did we use to do and talk about before him?! i had lots of fun last night!

Julie said...

i so wish we had a bakery like that around here. cute pictures!!

Julie said...

ps. My blog is private but I just sent you an invite...if i comment on your blog you should be able to know who is reading! ;)
Julie D. Vancouver, wa

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 5 months birthday Brody!! He is so cute.

Becca said...

What a cutie! I have a 5 and a half month old . . . and can i just say how impressed I am by your cake making skillz?! And also the fact that you have the time and sanity and togetherness to make a cake for every month! :-) way to go momma!

Katie said...

So cute! The cake and Mister 5-Month Birthday Boy!

Does he have dimples??

Lil Miss K's Mommy said...

WHOA that would be a lot of cakes. 1st I love his 5 mth cake, so cute!!! I love that you do that every month. I love Brody's sock shoes. We just bought Keegan a few sets as well. Ok remember when I said Keegan had not found her feet yet and I thought it was cute Brody loved his? Well the day after I said that she found them and it's been love ever since =) And about Keegan sitting up, thank you for your sweet comments, she just started that. Her Bumbo chair helped a lot with that and I would let her sit between my legs, barely holding and just to assist with balance. Ok this is long enough, have a great weekend with the boys!

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