Friday, February 20, 2009

Pumping Help!!!!!

Ok, mommas, I need some pumping advice!! Here is the deal...Mr. Brody is such an active thing, that he is burning calories like a crazy man! Because of that, the doctor wants me to bump up his feedings to 8 oz at a time and bottle feed at least 2 times a day, as well as nurse on our normal nursing schedule and do rice cereal twice a day! Basically, we will just be feeding and sleeping around here again! :)

I need some pumping help!! First, just so you know, I really get bored pumping, but I pump most mornings before Brody wakes up and has his first feeding. I can usually get about 8 oz in that one sitting. That will cover for one 8 oz bottle, but I need at least two a day. I nurse him about every 2-3 hours. What should my pumping schedule look like to get enough milk for the other bottle? I have tried pumping after I nurse and before I nurse. I get a whopping 2 or 3 oz each time. I realize that if I did that 3 or 4 times a day that would add enough for the other bottle, but I was just curious if there is anything that might work better. It would be great if I could increase my milk supply enough to be able to pump two times a day instead of all day long.

Advice? Suggestions? Your experience???

In case you are curious, we are still trying to avoid formula. There isn't anything wrong with my milk, just a child with a killer metabolism! Thank in advance for helping "the girls" out!!:)


Leah said...

Have you thought about trying Fenugreek? It's supposed to boost your supply. I bought it when Perri was little because I was freaked out about my supply because I was hardly getting anything when pumping. Little did I know that those first few weeks its hard to get much when you pump haha. I only used it for like a day so of course I didnt see any results, but I've read a lot of places that its supposed to be awesome. BUT you have to take it A LOT. Like several pills three times a day. And it makes you smell like maple syrup haha. I've looked at for breastfeeding advice and I'm sure theres some good stuff on there about this. Also I've read that oatmeal is great for boosting supply as well. I am scared we may be down this road as well, as Perri hasn't gained much at all. What is Brody weighing now? And how did the shots go??

Kelly said...

I am right there with you. I'm not a fan of pumping because while we were in the hospital it's all I did. And I hated it. I liked it because I knew I was doing something for Harper but UGH - trying to take out the time to go to a nursing room every few hours drove me nuts. And now Harper I swear eats every hour on the hour and for me to ever get to leave the house - I have to pump bottles. I end up giving them to her because she is always hungry. ha! It's hard to find time to pump in between nursing schedules. (it's probably good that I can never leave the house much anyway). ha!
I hope you get more responses because I'm trying to figure this out myself!

Kelly said...

For me, drinking more water helped.
Also, try for the first few days to just nurse Brody for those extra feedings. This should increase your supply.
You can also google this for other tips that worked for other Momma's. What works for one, does not always work for another.
And if all else fails (I used this as a last last last resort) you can supplement with formula. By that I mean...if you can only get 6oz pumped, use 2oz of formula with your 6oz. This is also a GREAT way to wean them off b.m. and onto formula IF you have to go that route down the road.
Let us know what works for you.
What a great little eater you have. Collin never took more than 6oz at one feeding. He still does not eat much. ;)

Tadd and Elizabeth said...

Hey, I've tried it all too! I nursed Ella for a year and Sophie for 6 months. I would suggest pumping after every feeding until your milk supply increases as well as drinking lots of water. It will be tiring pumping each time but the books say it will increase your supply and you will not have to do it for too long! I'm not sure that pumping before helps any, it may take some of what he should be getting while he nurses but maybe so? I used Fenugreek w/Sophie that only helped some. I was on Reglan (a PX from the Dr.) with Ella but would NOT suggest that, it had bad side effects for me! I ended up having to add some formula to Sophie's bottles and cereal b/c of reflux so I eventually had to stop at 6 mths. I ate so much while nursing b/c it takes so many calories from you that I was always hungry! So be sure that you are eating enough too. If I think of any other helpful things that worked for me, I will let you know. Brody is precious by the way. They grow up so fast, Sophie will be 1 on Monday! Enjoy it all you can like I try to do. Elizabeth

Jenn said...

I just love reading your blog and your little boy is so precious. I don't think I have ever left a comment, but I had to chime in :)

My baby is getting ready to turn 7next week so it has been a while since I nursed. And I know this is going to sound horribly unrealistic, but if there is a time at night that he sleeps past a feeding time you could always set your alarm and pump during that time to increase your supply. But then you'd lose out on precious ZZZ's!!! I always had a hard time pumping and my pediatrician told me to always have one of the baby's blankets around me while I pumped and it tricked my senses into thinking that I was nursing instead of pumping. Which helped me to relax and it helped my milk supply to flow a little faster.
I also agree with the other ladies and drink lots of water.

Enjoy every minute of it! I miss those days when my girls were babies!

darnold23 said...

Check out my blog I nominated you for an award today.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just a lurker coming out of the woodwork. Try alfalfa tablets. You can get them at any health food/natural foods store and they work wonders at increasing milk supply. You may want to start slowly, though...when I say it increases milk supply, what I really mean is you'll have enough bottles to feed the whole neighborhood :)

Julee Turner said...

I am going to ask nursing queen Nita what she thinks and then I will get back to you! :)

Kristi said...

I have to agree I hated pumping, but that is all I could do since my babies were in NICU for 6 weeks. Then they got home and were still to small to latch on and had feeding issues so we had to always thicken their bottles, so needless to say all I got to enjoy from the whole breastfeeding/pumping thing was knowing I was supplying great nutrients to my babies. I didn't really have a problem at all with milk supply. I don't know if it was because of twins or what by I would pump for 15 to 20 minutes every 3 hours and would get about 16 ounces - 8 ounces each side. What lactation at the hospital told me as I was tring to get a good supply up was to pump until I was empty and then pump an additional 2 minutes past that. Eventually you will start making more. It is also very important to drink LOTS! Just remember that every ounce you get pumping can save and make to make up an 8 ounce bottle. I can't believe he is taking 8 ounces. Mine are just now taking one 5 ounce bottle a day! You will also find that giving him rice cereal in his bottles will make him full longer so you may have trouble getting him to take extra bottles. During the day I would pump in front of the tv, it would take my mind off of how long it was taking. Hang in there.

Ella Claire's Mommy said...

Hey Jennifer! I am coming out of lurkville! I am a real-life, blog-less friend with Mandi from Immeasureably More. I nursed my first for a year. Like someone said earlier, I would nurse him for a week or so ALL the time (and your nips will thank you - ha!) until your supply catches up. Maybe every 1-1 1/2 hours. I would probably pump a couple of times after that to see if your supply is near 8oz and then just nurse him. I hated pumping too! Your body will totally respond to his needs if you tell it to do so. I love reading your blog! Brody is precious!

Kathleen said...

Although it's been 25 years since I nursed my last one, this is all good advice. I am back from before good electric pumps,so you are lucky there! My first one I only hand-expressed and was able to get enough milk to leave him 2-3 bottles a day for day care, but it was work!
DRINK DRINK DRINK fluids. Try pumping one side while he nurses the other. Even if you feel "drained", it will help build your supply. And do try to nurse a little more often while you are trying to build your suppply.
Good luck! He is precious!
Love and prayers

Kristi said...

I forgot to mention that the laction nurses said it is very important to have a double electric pump preferrably the Medela. Otherwise they don't get us much out. I also use to put a heating pad on my chest while pumping it let more milk down.

Sarah Fries said...

I remember never knowing WHEN to pump with Lynlee b/c she ate constantly, but I had to get a supply for when I was at school. I have a few suggestions, even though you are getting great advice. When I was in the hospital the pediatrician told me to try an herbal tea called Organic Mother's Milk to speed my milk production up. I know you can get it at Ozark Natural Foods and Collier's drug has it too. It kind of smells like licorice which I don't like, but I don't taste it. I actually think it is good with a little honey. It has fennel (which is the licorice smell) and fenugreek (which was previously mentioned in other posts). If you don't like hot tea it might not be the option for you, but it is only like $5.50. If you get it and don't like it then I will buy it off of you! Or if you wanted to just borrow a few tea bags from me, I'm more then willing!

I was also going to tell you about The lactation consultant at Willow Creek gave me that website. I looked on it just a few minutes ago and typed in "pumping" in the search section. Several things came up.

I also thought you could call the lactation consultants at Willow Creek. Their names are Gwyn Barnes and Felicia Termine-Bonner and their number is 684-3210. I talked to Gwyn several times just a week ago when Owen was born. She is super sweet and very helpful. I'm sure she has tons of suggestions.

Hopefully this will only be a challenge for you for a week or so, b/c I'm sure once you start getting that supply overflowing you can spend your time doing something besides feeding! Just remember to drink plenty and eat enough to keep you from floating away in the wind!

Heather said...

This is a hard one....because with all the feedings it is definitely hard to find a time to pump. What time do you feed him last before bed? And then what time do you go to bed? I was just thinking that if he ate around 8:00 p.m. and you could stay up and pump at might get a full bottle. But it's been awhile and I can't remember how their eating schedules go at this age!!!
Love your new header! You are a great momma! :)

LYNDEE said...

i know some one else told u this to but i took ALFALFA, and FINUGREKE (SPELLING??) and drank lots, and lots of water. I cant even emphasize the water issue, but after i started taking those vitamins, i could pump before or after i nursed and i would pump 8 oz everytime i pumped, amazing, i could feed 4 countries with the milk i pumped, i hope this works for u, ill be praying u find something that woks!!

Brewer Fam said...

Fenugreek is the answer for part of your dilemma... You can get it at Vitamin Cottage or GNC... It helps increase your milk supply butu you have to be religious about taking it and take a lot of it...This is also what I would do (and have done) If Baby eats every 4 hours for example, I would get someone to help you for a day or two with feedings while you pump. Pretend you are on a 7-11-3-7 schedule. To increase the milk supply, for about a week or so pump at 7-9-11-1-3-5-7. Doing it this ofetn will keep you milk coming in strong because you will trickyourself into thinking the baby is eating that often.. Goodluck!

Natalie Maxey said...

I just saw the title of your post on another blog, and I'm always looking for pumping advice, so I had to check it out. I'm exclusively pumping, so it's not quite what you're doing, but something that's helped me with the boredom factor is the Easy Expression Bustier. I bought mine from BabyCenter. It lets you be hands-free so you can at least read a book or something.

Katie said...

Whenever Amelia would go through her growth spurts and before my body would get the signal from her that it needed to make more milk for her needs, I would just nurse her A LOT! I'd think that if you took a few days to just try to encourage him to nurse, nurse, nurse, your supply would increase and then you could switch over to pumping that extra supply milk that he created. I pumped for when I went back to work and while I was at work, and I could always tell such a difference in pumping vs. nursing. The babies are so much better at emptying a breast, which helps your body to recognize you need more milk, you know? I also remember reading about Fenugreek, as previously mentioned by some of the other girls, but I never took it myself. GOOD LUCK! Let us know what ends up working!

(And I wish I had some advice to offer on the pumping boredom....ugghh....I always dreaded pumping...but it was also so nice to have a good supply of milk put away, too, so that kept me motivated. Seeing all that "liquid gold" in the freezer!)

Rhonda said...

I have a new born too... Thomas 10 weeks. Love checking in on Brody, he is one active boy. The suggestions I got from my lactation consultant worked for me:
~Fenugreek (3 tablets 3 times a day) & Blessed Thistle (2 tablets 3 times a day). You can probably get them at a viatamin shop. We have a Central Market here in Dallas that I buy them from.
~Also, drink LOTS of water.
~ Eat plenty.
~ I pump after his morning feeding, you have more milk in the mornings.
~ Some times I pump after one other feeding in mid day.
~ Also, try getting up in the middle of the night to pump (I don't do this unless I am really full & Thomas is still sleeping).
~Sometimes I had to supplent w/ 2 oz of Formula We use Enfamil.
~ Let Brody nurse often. He is better at getting more milk than the pump.
~Be sure you have at least one hour from pumping till you nee to nurse Brody, sin order for your milk to replenish.

All tips I got from my lactation consultant & With in no time my
milk supply was back up.
GOOD LUCK w/ that cute & active boy.

Mandi said...

Um...wish I could help you my friend but D was strictly bottle/formula fed. (:

It seems like you've been given a lot of good advice...hope some of it works for you.

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

For pumping, I had the Medela Pump In Style. I would use my crappy t-shirt (b/c it stretches the shirt) to hold the pump in place to make it hands-free. (They have a bra you can buy that I will get this go-round.) Anywho, then I used the pumping time to blog or do something constructive or fun because I was disliking the pumping made it better. Also, you can either breast feed more or pump for like 10 minutes after your feedings and then after a couple day go to 20 minutes after every other feeding and eventually you will be able to pump just one extra time a day. It worked for me...I got to where I pumped all of Lilly's food in just 3 times a day. Hope it helps. Oh yeah, like everyone has says, drink a lot of water.

Alyson said...

Hey there! Another lurker coming out of hiding to help you out! I worked part time while I nursed my first and I had several tips that worked for me. DEFINITELY get the Fenugreek! Take 3 tablets 3 times a day and you should start to see a boost in your supply by about 3 days. When you start to smell (your urine or sweat) like maple syrup, you will know its working. GROSS, but a necessary evil!!! I also pumped in a warm place (if I was cold - forget it!) and had one of my daughter's blankets with me.

If I was home, I would nurse her on one side to get a let down and then pump the other. I have yet to meet anyone that likes to pump, but you are doing such a great thing for your little one! is a great resource too. I have also been told eating anything with oatmeal will increase supply as well. Hope that helps! Keep up the good work:)

Sa-Sea Boutique said...

This might sound crazy and like you would need 4 hands...but I would drink an ENTIRE bottle of water before a feeding and then feed on one side, while pumping on the other. (takes a bit to get used to, but just him eatting really gets the milk flowing)
I did this in the morning and when I came home from work, and then pumped two times while I was at work) It gave me just enough milk to feed him the following day while he was at the sitter's house. I did this with both of my kids and it really worked great for me!

Nathan, Kimberly and Lucy said...

I have a sports bra with 2 holes cut in them. I can pump hands free that way and check my email at the same time! Or whatever else you want to do!