Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One year ago today....

It was a Sunday, I woke up and fixed breakfast for my in-laws. They had come up for the weekend and had stayed until Sunday so that they could go to church with us. I made mini-fritatas, which I love, but that morning my stomach didn't love them so much. I went back to our bathroom and had my first real experience with morning sickness. At that point I knew I was pregnant!

There had been signs over the past two weeks. All of which I continued to dismiss as something else because I just couldn't be pregnant. We had only been married 3 months at that point and I was not ready for a baby. I was still trying to figure out how to be a wife and was in no place to be a mom. Or so I thought!

The two weeks prior to that I had been exhausted beyond description. I had never felt that tired in my entire life! So I assumed it was my job. I figured all day with twenty 4-year olds could make anyone tired. Plus, I was working my rear off at the gym 2 hours a day, 6 days a week trying to get into shape. I was stupid and had no idea I was in shape at the time!! I also knew that a lot of the kids in my class had been sick with colds and various stomach things, so I decided I had gotten a bug! Yes, a 9 month bug!

The week of my birthday and Valentine's Day, I felt extremely tired and sick. Josh cooked dinner for me on my birthday. I had been in an education class all evening and when I walked into the house I could smell the food and the smell almost made me sick! He cooked chicken with peanut sauce, which I love, but it just made me almost gag to smell it. I assumed it was still a virus.

There were several other obvious symptoms during those two weeks that when I look back now, they pointed straight to pregnancy. I guess I was just too oblivious to notice the nausea, frequent trips to the bathroom, headaches, backaches, exhaustion, skipped period, cramping, food adversions, and moodiness!! Haha!! Hello????

Back to the morning on the 17th. I realized then that no, I still hadn't started and maybe all those signs were something else. Yes, I had thought that I might be pregnant, but I just kept putting it off because I was on the pill and in my mind it wasn't likely!Ha! After his family left, we went to a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese, which is birth control all on its own! A little boy in my class was turning 5, so the entire class had been invited. I remember leaving there thinking I didn't want kids for 10 more years!! hahaha! I'm only kidding! Josh and I left there and went to Chili's. Then, we went to Walgreen's and back home.

When we got home I went to the bathroom to take the test. Josh came in there to read me the directions because we had gotten a digital test. Well, I guess he was nervous, because he messed up the first test, so when we looked to see if we were pregnant or not, it said ERROR! I looked at him and asked, "what's an error? Does that mean error, you're pregnant?" Well, we had one more test. So we had to wait for the screen to clear which took about 10 minutes, but felt like 10 hours!!! I took the other one right after and Josh put it in correctly. I left it on the counter and then, we went back into the living room. A few minutes later I told him to go check it! Ha! He walked back out looked right at me and said, "you're pregnant!" I laughed at first. Then , ran into the bathroom and started laughing and crying. Then, crying harder. Then, really crying!

I was shocked, scared, surprised, excited, nervous, the list goes on! After a few minutes of Josh reminding me that we were going to be fine, I calmed down and got really excited!! I immediately got on the computer to try and figure out my due date. It was at that point that I realized I was 7 1/2 weeks pregnant! Oh my!
Now, a year later, that sweet baby is even more than I could have imagined or hoped for a year ago. One year ago today, our lives changed forever and I am incredibly thankful for that. I know I always say that God's plan are better than our own, but it is soooo true! At the time, I would not have chosen to get pregnant as soon as we did, but now I look back and think about what a blessing we would be missing out on if we had not. What in the world would we be doing? I can't even stand to think about our lives without Brody! He is just the most amazing thing!

Thank you Lord for such a sweet surprise!


Mandi said...

Brody is such a SWEET surprise!!! God picked a good momma for him and the timing was perfect!

The Allens said...

We got pregnant six weeks after our wedding and we took FIVE pregnancy tests.

Shannon said...

How fun to read that! What a nice surprise indeed! Brody is so cute!

Stacey said...

I found your blog on Kelly's...I just found out yesterday (17th) that I am pregnant! I thought I had a stomach virus and after several days of still being so sick, I took a test and it said PREGNANT! I am beyond excited and just had to share b/c your story is similar to mine!

lizziefitz said...

HELLO! Try having four kids, giving EVERYTHING away,and husband having a vasectomy 4 and 1/2 years ago...YES PREGNANT. Talk about clueless. We are over the shock and giddy to be expecting a baby girl in July:) Ladies vasectomies are not full proof and he did go back and get tested 3 weeks later. They say it grew back or the scar tissue formed a new canal LOL

His Doorkeeper said...

When i was pregnant with Kelly, I thought I had food poisoning because I kept throwing up!! har har

You are blessed with the sweetest little boy! Brody is precious and your lives have been forever changed as children always do!


Kelly said...

I had a very similar experience with my pregnancy. I was histarical when I finally took the test (in secret). When I the words came out of my mouth to my husband (hours & hours & hours later) I could not stop crying. This went on for a few weeks. (we had wanted to wait until we were 35 to have kids...I am only 30 now, with an almost 4 yr old) ;)
God's timing is so much better (perfect actually) than ours.
I could not imagine (nor do I want to) our lives with out Collin.

HE knows best. :)
And I think denial in the beginning is normal and makes us good Mommy's in the end.
You are the perfect Mommy for Brody.

Julee Turner said...

Oh how I wish I could remember when you told me you were pregnant. Oh wait... You didnt tell me, Jill did!! :) I am not mad anymore because I love Brody so much! I am so happy that I have ya'll in my life. But all I am saying is that I better get a proper visit to tell me about baby #2!

Heather said...

I loved reading this and always love hearing about God's plans! They are just not ours sometimes!!! But looking back, we would never change them! You have the most precious little boy and family! What a blessing!

The Bost Family said...

I found your blog through Julee Turners blog. I have been reading since you had your little Brody. I thought this post was so funny because I got pregnant three months after I got married too! I also ignored all the signs for about a week, I just knew I couldn't be pregnant. Now I don't know what we would do without our Lucy.
Mary Bost

Katie Spinks said...

Hey there blogger friend - I was so happy to have received a message from you. Yah for a blogging friend. Your little boy is so cute and you are very blessed to be a mommy and by the looks of things your doing a fabulous job. Thanks for the birthday wishes - Happy Belated birthday yourself... February is a great month isn't it. Well keep commenting back and I will look forward to reading more of your blogs :)

LYNDEE said...

Its funny how God works sometimes, isnt it??? But they are such a fulfillment!!!

Jenna said...

Oh this is priceless!!

SO glad you got this surprise a year ago!! That Brody is indeed a sweet sweet surprise. And a precious precious babe. :-)

Harris Family said...

What a fun story! I am glad you shared and I am glad the Lord blessed you guys with Brody!