Monday, February 23, 2009


I am always amazed at how sweet and helpful my bloggy friends can be! Thank you sooooo much for all your wonderful and VERY HELPFUL suggestions regarding my pumping delima. I am soooo glad to know I am not the only one who gets bored while pumping, or who has had to work to increase their milk supply!

I bought two big bottles of Fenugreek this weekend. I have been taking these religiously 3 times a day. I read on kellymom to take 6 grams a day, so that is what I have been taking. I noticed that some of you mentioned I might smell like maple syrup. You were not even kidding! I have really noticed it today. I guess that means it is working!

As far as the milk supply goes, we are making progress! I have pumped about 30+ oz this weekend, on top of my regular nursing, so it is a good start! It's been very tough and I have felt like I have a newborn again doing this, but it is so worth it to be able to continue to feed Brody breastmilk.

He is such a little man eater! Seriously y'all, in an hour today, he took 10 oz out of a bottle! He didn't spit up any of it. Then, two hours later he ate some rice cereal. He seems so happy and full now. He has never been a fussy baby, always happy and pleasant, but he seems extra pleasant now that he is in a food coma! Haha! He has slept 12-13 hours at night all weekend and has taken some really good naps. I think this whole eating thing is going to work!

Tonight, we let him try sweet potatoes. Our pedi suggested introducing one food every three days, so we decided to start with a veggie. He LOVED it! He ate the entire container, then had a bottle. Then, he passed out! I'm really looking forward to watching him try all kinds of baby food. I thought it would make me sad that he was growing up, but we are just having so much fun watching him learn to eat and seeing his reactions, that I am really enjoying our new "big boy" phase! Once I figure out what he likes and dislikes, then I am going to try and make his baby food. Do any of you do that? We will definitely need a "help me make baby food" post very soon!

Thank you again for all your help. You girls are just the very best! I also am so glad some of you lurkers finally came out of hiding! I love "meeting" new readers!

I thought you might enjoy one of his first rice cereal experiences. We have tried it several ways but this seems to work better than mixing it in his bottle. Plus, if he decides not to take it, I'm not wasting any breastmilk. Our doctor said this is how her daughter liked it best, and it is working well for us. As always, excuse the accent!! haha! And yes, Josh really did take a bite! He is such a great sport! Thanks, Daddy!


LYNDEE said...

im so glad to hear the pumping is going well, oh i totally forgot to tell u about smelling like a doused pancake!!! lol Cute vido, i think i actually made Chad taste the cereal too, thats so funy!

Kodi said...

I have been lurking for awhile now, but I finally have to comment. I would have NEVER pictured that strong southern accent coming from you! Too cute. How does that Brody eat laying down? I would choke! :)

Julee said...

Good thing I like pancakes since I see you almost everyday and you and your child smell like maple syrup! HA! :)

Mandi said...

WOW!!! The boy can eat! I'm so glad things are working out and that you are enjoying this phase with Brody. D really liked sweet potatoes, too.

I suggest It offers recipes, age/food charts, how and when to introduce foods, etc. I found it to be very helpful. Making baby food is very easy and it stores well in the freezer...I used ice cube trays and freezer bags. (:

Happy pumping!

Lil Miss K's Mommy said...

I know I always say this but Brody is just precious! I love that video. Ok since our kiddos are just a few days a part I was hoping I could ask you a few questions???

ashleydiggs said...

I am one of those lurkers! My child is 2 now but she wouldn't take rice cereal out of a bottle. Only if we fed it to her with a spoon! We did mix it with a little bit of b. milk and she seemed to like it better. I made a vow when she started eating baby food that I would try everything that I gave least if she made a funny face, I could relate!

SassyMomma said...
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Julie said...

coming out of lurker-ville myself. Brody is so cute...he is a chow hound. Seriously, amazing he eats that much. i have a 3month old little girl, 2 year old and 5 year old boys. So much fun. Love your accent coming from someone who lives on the west coast!!

The Dorns said...

I love making baby food so I willbe aiting for that post. In the meantime. Save those glass jars and lids from your baby jar foods because they make great BPA free storage containers. Just run them throug hthe dishasher and hold on to the for when your ready to puree and freeze food or you can do the ice cube trays way of freezing its up to you.

Katie said...

Bless his little heart! That dog on his bib looks bigger than he does!! Haha!

I loved making Amelia's good. It's so much easier than a lot of people think. I used a website called (I hope I'm remembering this right) for some recipes and ideas of what to try and when. Have fun!

Katie said...

Oops...that was supposed to say "Amelia's food"...

Leah said...

Love the video, he looks like he LOVED it haha. Hows the pumping going and nursing? Im sure you are absolutely worn out, as I remember when Perri was a newborn and just crying because that's all I did was nurse haha. We had those two great nights of sleep last week then she got sick so hopefully we can get back to the sleeping because frankly Im exhausted!! You'll have to let me know how making baby food goes because I plan on doing that as well. Did his pedi start him on solids this early because of his weight?

McCraine Family said...

I found your blog through Kelly's, and I love reading about your little boy! I'm a stay at home mom to a 7.5 month old boy, so we have a lot of similar experiences with our babies! (I loved reading the pumping advice) I make my baby's food, and I like two sites ( and I use the ice cube method, and it works great!

miss shortcake said...

oh! What beautiful eyes! I love the way he's staring at you in the video clip! ;) I'm glad your pumping is working out now!

Cindy said...

I loved the start of baby food with mine. It was such fun. I did make their food because it was so easy and inexpensive. I used Super Baby Food as a reference (I was no where near as hard-core as the author). Have fun! :)

Heather said...

YAY!! So glad it is going well..and proud for you! I loved breastfeeding!!! It is hard and a sacrifice at times, but SO WORTH IT! Brody is loving that baby IS a fun stage! Enjoy every minute!

Amanda and Aaron said...

too cute, jennifer! he is turning into such a little man!

Rhonda said...

Wowzers...tht boy can eat! Glad to hear the pumping and fenugreek are working. Williams Sonoma makes a great baby food steamer/food maker. Super Easy.

Mike, Kacy & Wells said...

It's good to hear that your supply went up - I have steadily been pumping less & less at work and we've been digging into my "liquid gold" in the freezer. I may try to pump it up the next couple of days - ha!

As far as making your own baby food - it's easy and we've fed Wells organic food for less than what regular baby food would cost. My MIL got me a Magic Bullet which helped a lot because there was less clean up than the blender and it got the smaller chunks better as well.

One last thing on this very long comment - we had talked about Wells' black shoes a long time ago - I saw them at Ryan's in downtown Springdale. I was surprised at how much cute stuff they had!

And Brody is too cute!

Harris Family said...

I am loving all your posts and all the comments with the mommy advice! I need all the help I can get!

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