Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Blog, Harper and Ice

My sister ( also known as Aunt Jilly) finally started a blog!!! I'm so excited! She is so fun and I think you will enjoy reading her blog. Click HERE to check it out! Leave her a comment if you get a chance. She was really nervous about blogging! She is so cute!

Have y'all looked at Kelly's blog ? I was thrilled to see sweet little Harper's eyes tonight! I have probably clicked over there 20 million times just to look at her with those eyes opened! She is just beautiful! I can't wait to see her all decked out in her monogrammed dresses!

I'm blogging at 12:40 am. I'm just not tired and we are supposed to be getting a good amount of ice around here tonight, so I have been peeking out the window and praying the power stays on! I love snow, not a fan of ice. They closed schools early here today, which meant MDO closed early. In the middle of attacking the laundry and spot cleaning the house, my phone rang. It was Brody's MDO teacher telling me they would be closing in 30 minutes. I headed to pick him up. I called Josh and we tried to think of anything we might need if we were stuck in the house tomorrow. I think it is crazy how bonkers we all go over winter weather. You whisper the word snow around here and the shelves on the bread and milk aisles at the store are suddenly empty. We had just bought groceries on Saturday, so all we needed was Diet Coke.

So yes, I was the crazy who went to the store just for diet Coke. Let me tell you, diet Coke is a L.I.F.E or D.E.A.T.H matter when I'm going to be under house arrest due to bad weather. I got Julee some diet Pepsi while I was there too, so I felt like that was worth the trip. Yes, our drinking differences are what make us such good friends!! Ha!

I made fajitas for supper. They were some kind of good if I do say so myself. I also made a batch of the dreaded cookies! Ha! Heavens! I still get the chills when I say the word! I also managed to get soaked in Brody's spit up tonight. That's unusual around here, but none the less, we were all bored, so why not add a little excitement to our night! :)

Now we are just waiting to see if they were right about the weather. Schools are already closed for tomorrow. I would love a day at home with the boys with nothing to do, as long as we have electricity. They are both asleep which is where I should be, so I'm headed to bed!


Julee Turner said...

I cant sleep either! I really hope we have electricity not just because I want my heat but I don't know what either of us would do without our internet to check these blogs!! Thanks again for the diet pepsi! I enjoyed one for dinner. I am glad that our differences in drink preference and our spending habits have made us such good friends! HA! :) Love you!

Jill said...

i can't sleep as well!! i need heat and internet and TV! what are we gonig to do if we lose all of that! we will have to call each other to stay sain! love you both!! btw..notice how my comment says my name and all! yay!

Kelly said...

love your new look!
I can not sleep either. (it is 3am here) We already have a couple/few inches of snow and are expecting about 4 more tomorrow evening.
As far as I know we are ok on the ice.
PTL for little Harper. She is gorgeous. And I too have peaked back at those gorgeous eyes. :)
Can you even imagine how Scott & Kelly and families feel?
Off to check out your sister's blog. :)
Hope you are sleeping, and that you do not lose your electric, or run out of diet coke, and get a day with your two boys. :)

Mandi said...

Oh, I hope your power stays on and you enjoy and nice warm day inside!

I LOVE Diet Coke, too!

The new header is so lovely and perfect for Valentine's Day!

Katie said...

I KNOW! I was SOO excited to Little Harper's face with those eyes open! I think I stared at that picture for 10 minutes straight and cried and thanked the Lord! :o) Wasn't that a wonderful surprise?! I can't wait to see her off everything and them holding her...

Oh, I'm definitely one of the ones who runs to the store to snatch up all the bread and milk. The first year Mike & I were married, and there was a chance of snow/ice, he was making fun of all those people (he's from Northern Michigan) until he found out that I am one of those people! Um, down here in the South, it just shuts down when white stuff starts flying in the air!!

Oh, fajitas sound so good right now (even at 8:30 am)...

The Allens said...

I love the new look of your blog!

Shannon said...

You were up late!! I was one of the crazies who went to Walmart for my regular grocery shopping not really thinking about the crowds! :)

Shannon said...

PS Diet Coke IS life or death for sure!

jenkins_k08 said...

i would cry without my computer/electricity lol. we have 7inches in ironton,ohio. how much did you all get? lovee the new layout on your page & i'll add your sister. :)

Kim said...

I found your blog through Kelly's. I read for a while but just had to comment on your LIFE and DEATH Diet Coke situation! Its my only MUST HAVE! When my power went off today I thought...I can always just put the Diet Coke in the icy grasses to chill it before I drink it. Never mind how I'll stay warm! :)
I love you're blog and Brody is just precious!