Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy 3 Month Birthday!

Today, Brody is 3 months old! Does anyone else think this is going by really fast besides me? We put Josh's hat on him tonight. I think he is sooooo cute!

Brody has really started showing his personality this past month! He laughs and smiles at us so much now, too! We basically will do anything, and I mean anything, to make him smile! Josh makes fun of me so bad because I sing this same little made up song to Brody about 10 times a day, but it makes him smile, so it's worth it to me! He is also getting better at sitting up on his own when he is propped up on the couch or on our bed, or in the bumbo. He also found his hands this month and has a major fascination with them. Thankfully, they go everywhere with him, so he is totally entertained in the car by staring at them. The very best thing that has happened this past month is that he is sleeping around 8-12 hours a night! Except for the occasional night when he just feels like hanging out with one of us. We are fun people! What can I say? Haha!

Tonight we had our monthly birthday cake. A sad story before I show you the pictures from tonight. We always get our cakes from Rick's Bakery. Mom went there yesterday to order Brody's cake. She called me from the parking lot to tell me Rick's was closed for the holidays and wouldn't be open again until Monday. I didn't want to not celebrate today, and we have to have a cake, so Mom got one at Harp's instead. The cake was really good, but I'm telling you, Rick's cakes are soooo good and soooo cute!! You just can't beat them! We will have one from there on February 3rd!

Here area few pictures from tonight!
The cake
When I put the cake down in the chair for the picture, he started kicking his legs and got icing all over his sock! From now on, one of us will have to hold the cakes!

Because I'm such a good mom, I let him lick a little icing! Haha! He loved it!

With Big Daddy and Gigi


Kaitlyn said...

Happy 3 months Brody!

He's so adorable :)

Mandi said...

I LOVE that your family celebrates every month! So sweet.

And yes...the time is flying by but from what I understand that's how it is for everyone. I cannot believe D will be 11 months old tomorrow! I was just reminiscing about the days when he was a newborn. It seems like so long ago but it also seems like just yesterday all at the same time. (:

Leah said...

Congrats on Brody being three months! It does fly doesn't it? I so wish my parents and family were near to be around Perri all the time (and free babysitting! haha) you are so lucky with that! How did it go dropping Brody's middle of the night feeding? It seems Perri is on her way there, she still wakes once at night but when I try and feed her, she's pretty much disinterested and just wants to go back to sleep. How did ya'll go about dropping that? And, what's your feeding schedule look like now? Haha sorry with the questions but since you're ahead of me on this and it's working, I'd love to hear what your schedule is!! She's doing pretty good on it and hopefully is about ready to drop that feeding so I can sleep!!! She'll be 8 weeks on Wednesday so hopefully!!!

Julee Turner said...

I'm very sad that I missed this birthday party! I will be there Feb 3rd! .

Kelly said...

I too like that you celebrate each month. We did one week, one month, six months (where he got gifts) and then one year. (from there on, just once each year)

Love the pix and that you let him lick the icing. I think at CJ's one month we had ice cream cake and my Dad put a little on his finger and let him lick it. :)

Vashti said...

He is scrummy! They grow so fast right?! I was looking at Joe yesterday trying to rmember what it was like when he was a little baby.