Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Few Pictures

Here are some pictures that I thought I would post just for fun! He is smiling so much these days! Please remember this when you look at the next picture!

Hello Brody! You can't really see it very well in this picture, but Brody is crying an actual tear. He just started doing this. It seldom happens unless he gets very,very upset (see above)! Haha!! Only one eye cries tears because he has a clogged tear duct in the other and it doesn't produce tears. We found that out when he was a week old. We have to massage it and put ointment on it. Once we do that, the duct releases the tears.

Brody's new trick! When I nurse him at night, he pulls off my glasses and holds them while he eats. He is so strong that it just takes one quick pull and they are off my face!
He has his first dry spot on his face. I feel so bad for him! I think he got it from laying on his face when he sleeps and drooling. Kind of yucky, but it happens! Hopefully, the Boudreaux's smooth skin stuff we are putting on it will make that go away pretty quickly! (Not to be confused with butt paste. We are not putting butt paste on his face!!)

His new favorite sleep position! It is so working! He slept from 7:15ish last night until 8:45 this morning! Yes he did!! I am sooooo proud!

Dear Babywise, Thank you for night time sleep. Love, Brody's parents!!


Aliomaley said...

It's not "Babywise" it is Brody!

Kyndal said...

I found your blog through Kelly's Korner and have loved reading about your sweet boy. We had one of our own a few weeks ago, and I wondered if I could ask a quick question about your experience with Babywise. Did you start following it right off the bat, or did you wait a little while? When did you start putting Brody down to sleep when he was awake and letting him cry it out? I want to set up good nighttime sleep habits for our little boy, but have run into trouble with him fitting the Babywise mold. (Or maybe it's his mommy who's having trouble fitting it! :)
If you have a second and want to just send a quick answer, my email is No pressure; I know you're a busy momma! :) Thanks.

Mandi said...

All of these pictures of Brody are SO cute but I love the last one. I just think it's adorable when they crawl/scoot into the corner of the crib and snuggle up next to the bumper!

Leah said...

Don't the tears kill you? She started doing that a few weeks ago when she gets really mad and I hate it. It makes me feel like I made her sad/mad :( Gosh I wish Perri was sleeping that much! After many nights of trying to add in that feeding, its just not working. She wasn't hungry to eat that close together and ended up not getting full feedings because of not being hungry which in turn ended up in many, many bouts of crying endlessly at night. SO we have returned to the regular Babywise schedule and hope she'll decide to drop that one nighttime feeding soon. I'll give it a couple of weeks and if not by then, then we're gonna go ahead and start letting her cry it out, which I hate.

Maranda said...

Babywise saved our lives too! We love, love, love the program. We did the Ezzo's potty training program too and were extremely pleased as well.

Lil Miss K's Mommy said...

I'm going to have to agree with you on Babywise. It's def the best thing since sliced bread! Keegan has been sleeping through the night since she was 7 weeks thanks to that book. Have you heard about the Babywise-Toddler book?

Baby K's Mommy said...

Jennifer, what sweet pictures. Kailyn is playing in her play gym and just gave a little 'shout out' to her boy "Bro" sure to pass it along! LOL

She's been crying real tears, too. It is the MOST heart wrenching thing I have ever seen. It's all I can do not to cry myself.

I'm hoping she'll catch up on the sleeping thing soon. We're getting from about 11 to 5:30. Which isn't bad. But, she will at least go back down in the morning and sleep from 6:30 or 7 til 9 or 10 if I let her.

Babywise is indeed a treasure. Here's hoping it'll work that kind of magic for my little one, too!

Jen, you've got a beautiful family!

God Bless,

Kelly said...

Yay for that long stretch of sleep.
He is so precious.
I love the first picture of him. ;) Actually I love all the pictures of him. He is getting so big.
Boudreaux's is the best.

Kelly said...

OH ya'll are good to have him sleeping through the night. I need to dust off that babywise book and get prepared!!!!

Katie said...

What a cutie! Give him a big hug for sleeping so well!

Jordan said...

He is so cute! =]

Lauren said...

SO sweet! He is such a cutie-pie! Babywise is AWESOME! I am a total believer! Both of my babies are wonderful sleepers... My three year old ASKS to take a nap! Seriously!

Superchikk said...

Brody is so cute! And don't the tears just make you melt?

And I second (third, fourth, or whatever!) the Babywise praise. We have moved on to Toddlerwise, and it's just as great. It has definitely been a lifesaver for me!

C is a tummy sleeper too and he drools terribly sometimes, especially when his nose is stuffy. I don't think there's any way to get around it!

miss shortcake said...

ooh, I don't have a child yet, but I'm definitely going to check out Babywise! And Brody is SO cute!