Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Closing In!

Well, apparently this icy weather is going to stick around today. Josh decided after checking out the roads that he would go in and work a few hours. He left the house about 10:45 in his workout pants, a sweatshirt and a hat. Considering he wears khakis and button-ups to work, he really was going comfy today! When he left the house he almost took both sets of keys, saying that I was not going anywehre today. Which is true, but if he had taken my keys I would have felt stranded. I told him I needed them if there was an emergency!! Not that I'm brave enough to get out and drive on ice!

Update: As I was writing this our power went out! Stink! Josh is 20 miles away at work still. He is trying to hurry so he can come home. Their main office is in California so there isn't much sympathy for Josh and others when there is snow/ice because they don't really understand it!! Haha!! I've called Josh 5 times already. I'm not good at starting our fireplace and I would like to refrain for messing it up so I'm holding off on that! Brody and I are just hanging out in the dark. Good thing the girls don't run on electricity, or we would be in trouble when he gets hungry!! Ha! I haven't taken a shower, and now I can't Chi my hair which really stinks! This stuff is supposed to start re-freezing and I'm praying Josh gets home before then and doesn't have to spend the night in Lowell. It's 69 degrees in our house right now, so we are fine.I'm thinking we will be going to mom and dad's when he gets home! I'll update in a little while. Good thing I went to get some diet Cokes yesterday!!!Ha!!


Amanda and Aaron said...

jen! if you need anything just give aaron a call. i'm sure he'd be more than willing to help you out (plus he has 4 wheel drive!). he lives pretty close, just on the other side of porter road from you. 317-8503 be safe!

Katy Burnett Remington said...

Well, at least you have your internet! Maybe you'll get lucky and have power for the Tuesday night TV shows!

The Browns said...

Oh I miss the crazy weather in Arkansas! We live in Las Vegas now & it is so different. My mom teaches school in Conway & I know she is at home sick today.

I thought it was funny when you said you couldn't Chi your hair! Me & my sister can't live without our Chi iron. We both have really curly hair. The good thing about Vegas is there is hardly any humidity! Ha!