Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008: Year in Review

Wow! What a year! Here are a few highlights from 2008!

January: Josh and I joined our church. We wanted somewhere to get plugged in as newly weds! We could not have found a place that fits us any better. We LOVE our connection group and the wonderful friends we have made this year! We also went to a marriage conference in Branson with our church. It was great, too!February: We got a little suprise! I took the test on a Sunday night right after we left a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese for a little boy in my class. After spending the evening with those 4 year olds, I thought it would be years before I had kids! haha! The Lord has a sense of humor!
This is how we told our parents just a few days later. The booties were for Jill. We told them we had Valentine's gifts for them since it was just a couple days after Valentine's day. These were inside the bags!March: We heard that sweet baby's heartbeat!

May: It's a boy! We were beyond excited! I knew the whole time I was having a boy. I told everyone I was and I even dreamed I was having a boy as soon as I found out I was pregnant!
June: Started working on the nursery. July: We went on vacation to Destin with Josh's parents when I was 27 weeks pregnant! I wore 55 spf and burned like a lobster. Apparently you are sun sensitive when you are pregnant!!

August: I went to a Razorback game 35 weeks pregnant and sat through the entire game without going to the bathroom! I felt like a champ!
October 3rd: Our boy was born! What a perfect day!!
November: Celebrated our first year of marriage! A very busy first year!

The rest of the year: Lots of fun times with our family! We have enjoyed being parents sooooo much! I'm glad the Lord knew what we really needed! Our plan for 2008 would have been so boring compared to this!


Amanda said...

It looks like you had the best year ever! I hope this one is just as great!!!

Mary said...

I never put it together that you guys were on the fast track to parenthood--us too! I had my first one month after our 1st anniversary...and have had two more babies in the two years following :)

This next August we will have been married 4 years and have three very little kids. We wouldn't trade it but it has been quite a few life-changing things in a row! Congratulations on your little boy!

Mandi said...

I know this year had some twists and turns you weren't expecting but I bet it's been better than you ever dreamed! Happy New Year!

Kelly said...

You had a very eventful year!!! I know it's one you wouldn't change for anything!!!
I'm glad to have gotten to "know" you through your blog! Hopefully we can meet in real life one of these days!

Kelly said...

I enjoyed this year in review. (thanks)
I look forward to hearing more about what 2009 with hold for your family.
Happy New Year!!!

Angie said...

So cute!! I love your year in review! You had a great year!!
Happy New Year!

jenkins_k08 said...

what a wonderful 2008! your family is precious :) Happy New Year!

Emily said...

You had a wonderful year! You have such a lovely family.

Laura Ann said...

Happy New Year...isn't it amazing how a baby can change your life forever and for the better, of course?

Hoping that you are abundantly blessed in 2009!

Thank you for sharing sweet little Brody with all of us.

Shannon said...

Sounds like a great year! :) That was a cute way to tell your parents-I bet they were shocked which is always so fun!

Julee Turner said...

Great post! Thank you for letting me participate in almost all of those events! :) I love you and your whole family and can't wait spend even more of 2009 with y'all!