Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Update on random things

We had a great weekend! One of the highlights of the weekend was finishing baking those cookies!!! I can now say I baked 1800 cookies in 2 weeks. Do I still love chocolate chip cookies? Yes. Do I want to bake a batch any time soon? No,thank you. Did I gain back all the weight I just lost? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes!!!Little Brody was about the sweetest baby Jesus I have ever seen. I have no idea what Jesus was like as a baby, but I have no doubt our son played that part well! He was just as sweet as pie up there. Have no fear, I cried. Yes, I did. I stood in the back of that sanctuary and just cried and smiled. I know what it means to be a proud parent. Brody didn't cry at all, because he is like his dad, not his cry baby mom!! Haha! He was awake during the performance and he just looked around. He even stretched his little arms up once or twice. The camera showed a close up of him on a few times, and it was one of the most precious moments I have had as mom. Ahh! I could eat him with a spoon!

We survived our Sunday. Christmas lupper was lots of fun. Tons of people. Lots of little ones! Being the good mom I am, I didn't take a single picture. Yes, I know. I took mental those count?

There isn't much going on this week. It was like 10 degrees up here on Monday. Maybe 21 degress, but that was the high! Because of that, Brody and I didn't go anywhere Monday or Tuesday. I stayed in my pajamas from Sunday until this morning. That might be a record. If you are wondering I took showers, but then I would just put on another pair of pajamas. Brody did the same thing. It was wonderful!

I addressed and mailed our Christmas cards this week. They are so cute! I will show them on Saturday. I want everyone to receive them before I post it on here. We used a couple of the pictures on my header, but the card is still so cute! My very talented friend,Leslie, designed them for me. Between the canvas and Christmas cards, I have kept her very busy the past few months!

I watched Biggest Loser last night and went to bed happy with the results. Thank goodness. Does anyone else think that Bob and Amy C have something going on? Seriously. They were a little too friendly during the entire season and especially last night.

I'm going to tackle the mountain of laundry. Poor Josh is running out of clothes to wear. Don't worry honey, I have it under control. (I know you are reading this at work!)


Kelly said...

OH - staying in your PJ's sounds absolutely like heaven!!!! That's what I'll be doing in January!
I still can't believe you baked all of those cookies!!! That's amazing!
I didn't notice with Bob and Amy the one that's married???? YIKES! I LOVE Bob! Maybe a little too much.

Karen Barnes said...

Thats so wonderful that you hand made all those cookies, you really will have an extra diamond in your crown when you get to heaven, ha!!!I'm proud of you so I know Jesus is too. I laughed too read how you stayed in your P.J's for days on end, thats great. And little Brody I'm sure made a wonderful baby Jesus, makes the Christmas season just be that more special for you & Josh. Every Christmas you will always remember this one when Brody had the main roll at the play at chruch & the years will pass so fast. I'm Jessica M's mommy, Karen

Mandi said...

Staying in my pajamas is one of my favorite things to do...I practically lived in them last winter when D was just a newborn! (:

Amy said...

um, I totally saw Bob grab Amy C's bootie last night when he hugged her! Did you see that too???

-Amy Patterson

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

LOL. I totally cried watching Lilly play baby Jesus too. It was just so moving to see my baby play that role--we were honored to have that opportunity. Anywho, we also stayed in our PJs from Sunday night through yesterday. I did not bake any cookies though.

Shannon said...

Good job on the cookies! I bet you don't want to turn your mixer on for weeks! :) Brody did so good on Sunday. He was so cute when he was stretching and looking around.

Katie said...

I am so impressed by how many cookies you baked. Goodness!!! I would probably have had to bake a couple extra batches for the cookies that would have, um, "vanished!"