Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Fun Friday

We had a really great weekend! Julee's parents were in town for the weekend, so Friday night we had dinner at Noodles with the three of them, my parents and sister, and Josh's college roommate. It was so much fun eating and visiting with everyone. Brody even woke up at the end (because he wanted his dinner) and played with Ju Ju for a few minutes.I think Brody has a crush on Julee. He always gets googly eyed over her. We think it's her dark hair. He isn't used to that around here with my hair being so blond.

After dinner, all 10 of us headed to the Fayetteville Square to see the Christmas lights and Santa Clause. While we all waited in line to take Brody to see Santa, the girls took a few pictures by the reindeer. My mom, Jill, Julee, Julee's mom Anita and me

We were quite the crowd taking Brody to see Santa. The lady took his picture with Santa, but we also had 3 cameras so we snapped a lot of pictures as well. He was so cute with Santa! He just let him hold him while we took his picture like a bunch of paparazzi. Story of his life!! Here is a sweet one that I took. After we saw Santa, Anita and Jill were going to go ride the camel, but it was already gone because it was close to 10:00.

Julee's husband, Matt, is a news anchor and the station he works at is on the square. We all thought it would be fun to go stand outside the station and watch Matt do the 10:00 news. It was really cold, so they let us inside to watch instead. It was so much fun watching the news from that side of it, since I always watch it on tv. Towards the end, they starting talking about putting Brody on at the end, so during the last commercial break Josh handed him off to Neile, who co-anchors with Matt. They introduced Brody and talked a little about him. He even did "hook'em horns" at one point and we all got a good laugh from that. He did great on the news too! No pacifier and no tears! We were so proud of him! I did feel a little sorry for Neile because Brody pooped his diaper right before Josh gave him to her, and we didn't have time to change him. He gave the set a lovely musk for those last few minutes! This is a picture of the tv. Neile holding Brody

The three of us with Matt after the news.


Amanda said...

That was a great Friday night! I love the pic of Brody with Santa and on the news! How precious!

Angie said...

It's so cute that he got to be on the news, how fun!! What a great memory. Love the picture of him with Santa!

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness - I'm not good about watching the news - I wish I would have seen that and seen famous Brody on the news!!! He is already making quite a splash - Jesus AND the news - he is destined to be famous!
Ya'll look so cute out on the square!

Mandi said...

First of all, the picture of you and Josh is really look SO pretty!

Next, Brody looks very sweet in Santa's arms. (:

And last, I cannot believe Brody was on the news!!! How fun is that?!

Julee Turner said...

Such a fun Friday night!!! I am sorry I didnt get you more pics last night. I crashed on the couch! I will get you a cd tonight!
Cant wait to see you and Brody tonight too!

His Doorkeeper said...

Jennifer, Brody is a star!!! He's already had two major "rolls" and he's just getting his feet wet!! har har

Ya'll look so cute and like you are really getting the hang of the joy of parenting!!

Blessings to you for a lovely Christmas!

Shannon said...

How fun!! I thought her husband looked familiar!! I didn't know he was on the news. :) Looks like Brody did great!!

Have a Merry Christmas!

Kelly said...

Wow...can I get his handprint??? ;) ha ha ha
Famouse little guy.
It looks like such a great time.

Jordan said...

How fun! Brody gets cuter and cuter! =]