Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Christmas

I decided I should probably blog about our Christmas before it was too late!

We had a wonderful "First Christmas" with Brody! Josh was off work Christmas Eve, so the three of us got to spend the day together. That night we headed to the Christmas Eve service, where we met my parents and sister. We spent Christmas morning at our house with just the three of us. It was such a fun, easy morning. Josh and I were so excited about Christmas with Brody that we woke him up at 7:30. Maybe not the best idea!! Haha! He was back asleep at 8 and slept on and off that morning. We opened gifts and helped Brody open some of his gifts. We had more fun than he did, but that's OK because next year he will love Christmas!Brody with his stocking!

Santa left Brody some new pacifiers and mylicon drops in his stocking! Santa told us he was trying to be practical and get Brody things he used and needed!!:-) He got a lot of fun toys from Santa that we are excited about using in the next few months!

Josh was helping Brody open some of his gifts from Josh and me.

Josh making chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

This was not a Christmas present, but it was the first time Brody had been able to sit in it and stay up! He is getting so big!

He was laughing at Josh. I love this picture!

We got ready and headed over to my parent's house for a late lunch at 2:00. My grandparents came, as well as my dad's aunt. It was a lot of fun! After lunch we all opened our gifts. Brody is a very loved little boy and got a lot of wonderful gifts from my family. Josh and I did as well!

My dad surprised my mom and got her a new car for Christmas. I have it all on video, but I think my mom might kill me if I put the video on here. It was hilarious! My dad put the keys to the car in her stocking. The car had been at our house and then, I drove it over to mom and dad's that afternoon and dad parked it in their neighbor's driveway. It was so fun!!

Stockings at their house. My great aunt made all of these. Bless her heart, I have kept her busy the past two years. Last year I added a husband to the mantel and this year a baby. Poor Aunt Della probably wants a break!

B in his Christmas outfit.

Friday morning we got up and headed to Benton to have Christmas with Josh's family. Josh's sister, Jennifer, and his brother-in-law, Hari, had flown in from Colorado for Christmas. Jennifer and Hari had not seen Brody yet, and actually, we had not seen them since our wedding. That was only a year ago, but ALOT changed in a year!!:)

We had fun getting to see them and spend time with Josh's family. We all three got wonderful gifts there also! Despite all the fun, neither one of us felt very good, and Josh ended up with the stomach virus, so we were not as fun as we would have liked to have been. Brody doesn't sleep well away from home, especially when he is off his schedule, so he was pretty tired after the holidays. We enjoyed seeing everyone, but we were all very glad to be back in our own beds and back on a schedule!

We had a wonderful time with Brody and look forward to lots of fun Christmases ahead!


Fire and Ice said...

what a lovely baby!

Mandi said...

I am up in the middle of the night with what seems to be the begining of a cold so I'm reading blogs. (: I was so glad to see you posted about your first Christmas!

I LOVE all of the pictures! It looks like all of you had a lot of fun with Brody.

Sorry to hear you were feeling under the weather. D is finally on the mend after a visit to the doctor this past Monday.

Happy New Year!

Mandi said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention...your new header looks great! What font did you use?

His Doorkeeper said...

Looks like Brody got to have a wonderful "first" Christmas with the family! Loved the picture of him smiling at Josh! How perfectly sweet!

Happy New Year to your family!

Shannon said...

I like your new header! Those pictures were all so cute! I'm glad ya'll had a great Christmas. I bet that video of your mom is hilarious! That would have been so fun! :)

Kelly said...

I absolutely LOVE all the pix. Baby's First Christmas is great, but just wait until he is 2-3 yrs and really gets into it. It really brings back the "majic" of Christmas you felt as a child.

What an awesome gift for your Mom.
I also LOVE the pic of Brody next to his stocking. You should do that each year to show his growth. ;)

Glad you all had a wonderul, MERRY Christmas!
So sorry you guys were not feeling well.