Monday, December 8, 2008

Monkeying Around and Our Weekend

Brody had a little play date with some monkeys a few days ago. Usually when Brody has tummy time I try to put something on the blanket for him to look at because I figure he gets tired of looking at me while he plays. Some days I open a few books and prop them up for him to look at or I put a few toys on the blanket with him. I tried a couple of monkeys this particular day and he seemed to enjoy them! The little Curious George is from my mom's co-worker, Diane. It is the cutest thing ever. When you squeeze George's hand he goes back and forth riding his horse while music plays! It made Brody jump the first time he heard it, but now he loves it! The sock monkey was made by Josh's mom. I had wanted Brody to have one and I have no idea where the one I had when I little was and Tommye couldn't find Josh's, so she just made Brody one. It's very cute as well!

A quick recap of our weekend....
  • I ate at the Crumpet Tea Room for the first time on Friday. It was soooo good!
  • I went shopping with my mom at the Promenade. Brody took his afternoon nap while we shopped!
  • Josh and I baked cookies all night long Friday night. Josh's college roomie stopped by while we were baking. I let him eat two cookies. That was REALLY hard to do! I just kept thinking that means two more I have to bake!
  • Saturday morning we slept in a little, then Josh got up with Brody and I slept in a little more. It was wonderful! I think I got up at 9:30 or after!!:)
  • We baked more cookies.
  • We ran errands early Saturday evening, then went to eat Sushi with Jill that night. I had not had Sushi since I had Brody and I couldn't really eat it while I was pregnant, so it was a great night!
  • Brody slept from 9:00 Saturday night until 5:00 Sunday morning! Our first 8 hours straight! I nursed him, then put him back down at 5:30. He woke up long enough for us to dress him before church, then back to sleep. He finally woke up during church at 10! Way to go Brody!
  • Sunday morning we went to church and then went to eat lunch with my family and Josh's friend Greg.
  • I baked more cookies that afternoon and my college suite mate came over and held Brody while I baked. She lives in the same neighborhood as me and we hardly see each other which is crazy! I let her eat some cookie dough. I felt like that was being somewhat generous! Ha!
  • Sunday night, Josh took the first 50 dozen cookies to my dad. I felt good, until I realized I'm only 1/3 through the baking. Great!

We had chicken chili for supper tonight. It was so good! It is one of our favorites during the winter, so I will share the recipe tomorrow. It makes a ton and the longer it sits in the refridgerator, the better it tastes! (There does come a point where it wouldn't taste very good! Haha!)

I will also share the cookie recipe tomorrow. It's nothing fancy or unusual. The only thing that is different is that you mix it by hand. Yes, no mixer allowed! Not the best recipe to use when you are making 1800 cookies!!!


Kelly said...

CJ loves Curious George, but refers to him as George Monkey. lol
Such great pictures of Brody. Glad he enjoys tummy time.
Your poor arms must be tired from all the stirring of the cookies. I know they are much appreciated though.
Anxious for the recipe...choc chip is my fave and is on my list to make for Christmas.

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

I do not know how you are baking all of those cookies with a are like superwoman. I am lucky to keep the house cleaned and cook dinner every couple of days.

Melissa said...


I love reading your blog!! You and your family look so happy and just full of the Lord's love!!

Please post your recipes! I would love to try them for Christmas.


Angie said...

I love your blog makeover!! It's so cute!! You are so lucky that Brody is such a great sleeper, I love the pic of him on his tummy!
Have a great week!

The Allens said...

It is very encouraging to hear how he's sleeping. I'm due in March and wonder how long the sleepless nights will stretch.

Amanda said...

I love the new look on the blog! Very festive! :-)
Yay on the sleeping through the night! That is fabulous!!!

Shannon said...

I still can't believe you are baking that many cookies.... :)

Brody was so cute in church yesterday!

She did a great job on the sock monkey!

Julee Turner said...

Love the new blog! Glad you got around to changing it with all the cookie baking you have been doing!

Mandi said...

I know you will be so relieved when you are DONE baking cookies!

The sock monkey your mother-in-law made is sooo cute!!!

Which Robinson Lane necklace do you have? Do you wear it much?

Mandi said...

I forgot to mention...
Your new header is BEAUITFUL!!!

Jennifer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenna said...

Love the new look! I cannot wait for your recipes! Did you make and freeze anything before you had Brody? I am working on a list of meals to freeze and this chili sounds perfect!

Emily said...

Your little boy is so precious!

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