Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gas Station Lunch Date

Brody and I went to do some last minute shopping at the Promenade today. Since Josh works near by, we met him for lunch at the Pinnacle Hills gas station. I know what you are thinking. You people eat lunch at the gas station? I promise this gas station is really nice and has really good food. There were a lot of business men there in their suits and ties eating lunch as well.
I got one slice of pizza. Look how big this thing is! I'm glad they cut it into smaller pieces. I took a bite before I took a picture. I couldn't resist!

Josh got a hamburger.

Brody slept through lunch. (He looked like a little candy cane today!)

I went to Ann Taylor Loft today to shop for a few gifts. They were having the best sale. I had a $50 off coupon for shopping there last month. Plus, they were having a sale where if you bought a regular price item, you got one free for equal or lesser value. I bought 6 shirts and 2 pairs of tights which would have been $175 and I got it all for $64! I was so excited! Josh was a little more excited than me though!:)


Julee Turner said...

That is a fun idea for Phil! I think I am going to take dad to Sportsman wearhouse and tell him to go pick something out! I am so excited about dinner too!!! And seeing Brody and seeing my crazy mom on a camel! We should make Jill ride it with her!!! HAHA! :)

Mandi said...

That doesn't look like your run of the mill gas station food! Brody looks so sweet sleeping in his infant carrier. (:

What a great shopping day! Howie always loves to hear about how much I save, too!

Shannon said...

I've always wanted to stop in at that gas station! It looks so nice! :)

Kelly said...

We have a couple "nice" gas station eateries here too. ;)
The pizza looks YUMMY!!!
Brody looks so peaceful. I love babies in red & white stripes.

gail said...

That pizza looks delicious! I don't think that is regular 'gas station' food- :) Looks wonderful!

You did get a great deal!

Have a great weekend~

Guy and Julie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog--I'm glad you did! I actually love this gas station and go there all the time for gourmet cooking essentials! They have a great cheese selection! And I've tried their pizza--impressive for a gas station!

Your little boy is precious!

Josh and Kate said...

What a cute picture of Brody! He looks so cozy in his car seat. Josh and I have gone to that gas station for a dessert double date with the Kennedy's before. It is so yummy! We love the pizza there also! It's by far the nicest gas station I've ever been in. Enjoy your sweet baby this Christmas!

His Doorkeeper said...

The first time we went in there, I thought it was like a quick-stop-run -of-the-mill gas station!! Boy, was I surprised! Wish we had one like that in these parts! har