Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Daddy and Me

I thought I would be smart last night and go to Walmart around 10:30 to pick up a few things. I didn't want to have to go today because I knew it would be crazy and I was just sure it was not going to be busy last night. Boy was I wrong! Apparently everyone had the same idea as me. It was packed! There were cars parked all the way to the back of the parking lot! Somehow I managed to get the first spot on one of the rows! Praise the Lord! I grabbed a few things then ran over to Julee's to pick up something and was back home within an hour.

When I left the house, Brody had just woken up and was having a hard time getting himself back to sleep, so Josh was rocking him in the nursery. Well, when I got home an hour later, this is what I found.I thought it was odd that Josh had not called to check on me while I was gone. Especially since it was so late at night, but this explains why. I thought it was just precious! They were both passed out. I took several pictures and it did not wake either of them.

I love when Josh comes home from work in the evenings because I love to see how excited Brody gets when he sees Josh. He is really starting to react when Josh walks in the door. It is the cutest thing! Josh usually calls my cell phone when he is on his way home, so I put it on speaker phone and let Brody listen to us talk. Usually Brody will start going crazy when he hears Josh's voice! His eyes get really big and he listens for a few seconds. Once he realizes it's Josh he smiles and coos and tries to put his mouth all over the phone! I just love it! Here are a few pictures of them last night when Josh got home.


Amanda said...

PRECIOUS!!! That is seriously too sweet!

Mandi said...

SO SWEET! There's nothing like a daddy with his little boy!

Kelly said...

I agree with Mandi. Daddy's and their sons: PRICELESS!!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I can not wait to see some pics of Brody's first Christmas.

Emily said...

Thats precious!