Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2 months and Shots

Today, Brody is 2 months old! We have a doctor's appointment for his two month check-up this afternoon. He is getting 3 shots. Our pediatrician told me to give him some Tylenol an hour before we go, so hopefully that will help with the pain. I'm taking him by myself so please say a prayer for us if you think about us!

One another note, we are having our 2 month birthday cake tonight so that should make us feel much better...well, at least make me feel better! I'll post pictures tonight of the cake and the big, brave, birthday boy! It is supposed to be a Christmas themed cake. I can't wait to see it!


Jenna said...

Oh I hope he does well! I can't wait to see a pic of his cake! Rick's cakes are always too cute!

Mandi said...

Celebrating with cake each month sounds like a yummy idea to me!

Just prayed for Brody's little legs...poor guy. I always give D infant Tylenol before his appointment and then every 4 hours that day. It really seems to help.

Katie said...

I hope Brody did ok with his shots! Poor thing.

Zach had THREE shots today for his one yr. It was pitiful. He was supposed to have five, but we're putting the others ones off another month.

Laura Ann said...

I hope that the shots went as well as can be expected for Baby Brody. I always hated those days and to be honest the HOTY always had to go...I would just cry and cry. The tylenol has really always worked for us.

I can't wait to see the cake...I am sure it is YUMMY! Very cute idea.

The Williams' said...

Doublemint gum? Wow! I'll give it a try for sure! I'm willing to try ANYTHING!! Hopefully Brody's shots went well...poor thing!