Thursday, December 4, 2008

100 Dozen Cookies

Update: The 100 dozen has now changed to 150 dozen...that's 1,800 cookies!! I can do this, right? :)

I went to Sam's last night to buy enough ingredients to make 100 dozen chocolate chip cookies. Yes, 100 DOZEN! That's 1200 cookies. The company my dad works for delivers cookies to clients during the month of December. Instead of buying cookies or ordering them from a bakery, they have individuals make them for their company. When my parents kept Brody a few weeks ago, I made chocolate chip cookies for them to eat while they were here (since grandparents work for free!). My dad called me a couple weeks later and asked me to think about making those same cookies for their clients. He told me to really think about it since I would be constantly baking for several days straight! The next night we went over to their house and I told him I wanted to do it. I think it will be fun and I'm up for a good challenge. I am sending 50 dozen with Dad on Monday the 8th and the other 50 dozen with him on the 15th. I started Bake-A-Thon 2008 today!

Here's the deal.....
One batch of the cookie dough makes 30 cookies
I need 40 batches to make 1200 cookies
This week I have to make 20 batches. Next week the other 20.
That's 5 batches each day I bake this week because I am baking for 4 days.

Here is the amount of each ingredient for 1200 cookies....
20 cups of butter
30 cups of brown sugar
30 cups of sugar
80 eggs
40 tsp of vanilla extract
40-12 oz bags of chocolate chips (480 oz)
90 cups all purpose flour
30 tsp of baking soda
40 tsp of fine salt
40 vanilla diet cokes from Sonic

OK, maybe I added the last one but I will for sure need some caffine! I will update you this week as I bake! I was telling a friend that they only thing about this that I'm not looking forward to is a dirty kitchen. Can you imagine how it's going to look after baking that many cookies?


Kelly said...

What a nice thing for you to do. And what a great idea for your Dad's office to do.
That is a lot of cookies. I will be thinking about you.
If you feel like it, throw in an extra batch and send them my way. ;) Choc chip is my FAVE!!!
Have fun.

Mandi said...

That is A LOT of ingredients!!! Good luck with your baking...I'll be right there with you tomorrow as I bake and decorate 100+ cupcakes for my sister's wedding!

I LOVE diet vanilla cokes from Sonic and I am so envious that you will be able to enjoy our shared favorite beverage...our Sonic closed. :(

Jenna said...

Wow girl! That is a TON of cookies! Have fun baking!

Katie said...

How will you not eat alot of dough!? That would be my struggle! Good luck, girl. Way to go!

Natalie said...

Oh wow -- that's a LOT of cookies -- you are so funny about the Vanilla Diet Cokes from Sonic -- my girlfriends and I drink the Route 44 almost daily -- we call it "44 oz of lovin' -- HA! You're going to need it -- GOOD LUCK!!

Shannon said...

You are hilarious and BRAVE!!

The Williams' said...

Wow!! You def have your hands ful! A 2 month old baby and 100 dozen cookies? Can't wait to see how it goes!!!

Lindsey said...

You are an amazing woman! I have to agree with you on the dirty kitchen part. That is what would drive me crazy! I'll keep you in my prayers as you take on this challenge.

Mrs. D said...

My goodness...that's a lot of cookies! That's such a nice thing to offer to do for your dad. I just recently found your blog and I'm really enjoying your posts!

Laura Ann said...

Girly, you are going to be so BUSY! That is so sweet of you and I am sure they are going to be some kind of YUMMY! Yes, you better keep you a Vanilla Diet Coke by at all time. Little Brody might be rolling all over the place with the smell of sugar all over the house. Have fun and keep us posted. I am praying you have a Kitchen Aid Mixer to help you out over the next few days.

jenkins_k08 said...

that sure is a lot of cookies, and when your done you can send some to ironton, ohio, chocolate chips are my fave! :) just kidding. have fun :)

Lynn said...

Today is my first time visiting your blog, and I had to keep reading and reading all your posts from the last couple weeks to find out just WHY you were baking 150 dozen cookies!! YIKES! I love to bake, but . . . gulp . . . 1800 cookies?! Congratulations, it looks like you did it! GREAT JOB!