Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am a freak planner, most people know that, so Sunday night I started thinking about packing for our trip to Branson this coming weekend. I just feel like I can never be too organized or too prepared for a trip with Brody, especially since we now pack his entire nursery for a weekend trip!

Brody is growing like crazy all of the sudden! Pants that fit him less than two week ago now look like capris. His onesies that he wears all the time are starting to fit snug or not snap at all. Even his little caps that he used to wear are too tight and too small. He is really growing! I decided I needed to try the clothes on him that I was going to pack for the weekend so that I know for sure they will fit. One of the outfits has the Three Little Bears on the onesie and this adorable bear hat to go with it. I had just laid him in his crib, but since he was still awake I decided to try his little bear hat on him to make sure it fit. He just looked so cute and sweet, so I grabbed the camera and took some pictures.

Sometimes when we walk in the nursery he will be cooing at the lion on his bedding. It is sooooo precious! I have got to catch it on video!


Shannon said...

He is just so cute Jennifer! What are ya'll going to do in Branson? I had a weird dream last night that you and Josh were going to buy our house! :)

Mandi said...

Now that we have a baby I begin planning/packing for trips early, too.

I've commented on how I love your nursery, but Brody's bedding is just adorable! Where did you find it?

The Allens said...

Oh my gosh! He's got such cute expressions! I can't believe how quickly they change!

Katie said...

What a cutie! He looks like such a happy little guy! I'm sure he is very loved. :o)

After you mentioned packing up the whole nursery for weekend trips (I'm so guilty of that, too), but one of my girlfriends told me that with the first you pack everything, and then it gets less with each child. By the time the third and fourth child come along, she says you're lucky to get in the car with a diaper and a binky! haha!!

Kelly said...

Brody is such a handsome little boy. I like his sleeper.
His expressions are precious.
Oh, I still pack EVERYTHING for a trip and my little guy is 3 1/2. ha ha ha

Laura Ann said...

Jennifer...and here I thought we were such good blogging buddy's. Oh, I am just kidding...we have laughed about Casa Chaos (last nights episode) all day today too. The thought of it still makes me really sick. I brushed my teeth at the HOTY's sink this morning, for some reason I just could not stand at mine. Thank goodness all seems to be better today.

Brody looks so cute and I love the little car outfit. Where is that one from? I have never seen it. He is getting so big and of course he is as handsome as ever!

I hope you guys have an awesome trip in Branson. Just remember there is a Wal Mart on every corner if you forget something. That is the great thing about nursing, you don't have to drag a bunch of bottles and formula along. Relax and enjoy yourself!

Emily said...

Lincoln has one of those boppy pillows and every night when he wakes for his feeding I find him scooted down towards the middle with his head between the bumpers.