Monday, November 17, 2008

Kelly's Bloggy Baby Shower

Today is Kelly's bloggy baby shower, so my post today is for Harper's momma.

I first read Kelly's blog after finding her through Angie Smith's blog. At the time, I knew nothing about blogging and assumed if you had someone on your blogroll, then you actually knew them in real life!! Haha! I just assumed Kelly lived in Nashville since Angie did. The more I read her blog, I soon realized she actually lived like 20 minutes from me! Not only that, but Kelly and I went to the same college, both once lived in Benton, and when she lived in Benton she went to the same elementary school as me! We are a few years apart, so that's how our paths had never crossed until blogging!!:)

I look forward to Kelly's post every day. And if we are all honest, we probably check it at least 30 times a day until she posts! While her life isn't all that different from ours, there is something different about her. I love her honesty, her humor, her vulnerability, her ability to be real and her genuine faith. We have all read post after post where Kelly's faith is so evident. Nothing made me more excited when her faith became a testimony of God's goodness when she announced she was pregnant with little miss Harper! I know that God has a wonderful plan for Kelly, Scott and Harper. There may have never been a baby more desired, more prayed for, and more loved in bloggy land than baby Harper!

Since I only have 6 weeks of mothering experience, I'm not your #1 source for info, but I do know that there is nothing better than being a mom. Period. Nothing. I've told you how excited I am for you and Scott to experience parenting and loving someone together. I know that Harper will one day look at the journey you two traveled to finally have her and she will be so thankful for the faith of her parents. I don't think there will be a testimony more real to her than yours. I think as she hears about how you longed for a daughter, she will begin to see how much her Savior longs to be with her and love her as his child.

I can't wait to meet Harper. I can't wait to show Brody her pictures so he know what his future girlfriend looks like (well if Scott ever lets her date)! Haha!!I can't wait to be bloggy mommas together and share funny stories! My one piece of advice would be to start saving for OBU. You know it's going to be WAY expensive when we send these babes there! Enjoy your bloggy shower, friend! Love ya!

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Jenna said...

I loved this post! It was so sweet!!! Thanks so much for participating in the blog shower, and congrats to ya'll on your new little one!!

Lindsey said...

That is such a sweet post. You have a truly loving heart. I enjoy reading your blog daily!

Heather said...

OH, I love this post SOOO much! So sweet and just the best!!!! Congrats on your new arrival and thanks so much for "coming" to the shower!!!!
P.S. You blog header is one of my favorites that I have EVER seen!

Kelly said...

Jennifer - this is soooooooooo sweet!!! One of these days - we HAVE to meet in real life! We'll have to get Brody and Harper together early! And yes - Scott knows he will have to work the rest of his life so Harper can go to OBU. :-)
I love your blog so much too!!

Kelly said...

I think the fact that you "only" have 6 wks of Mothering experience makes you MOST qualified. You are living the here and now that Kelly will be living in a few short weeks. She could relate more to what you are going through than to someone like me whose "baby" is almost 4yrs old.

Jacquie said...

Just stopped by for the shower. What a small world that you and Kelly have so many links. I loved this post. Very sweet!

The Allens said...

That was a wonderful post!

Kristi said...

What is Kelly's blog address. I would love to read her story. It took us many years and lots of prayers and some help to have our angels too. God is great!