Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is Josh and my one year anniversary! What a crazy first year it has been! We had no idea what God had planned for us our first year of marriage. While it wasn't what we had planned, it was way better! We have made some wonderful memories this year and had a great little surprise added to our family. We are incredibly blessed! I know if we survived this first crazy year, we should be able to handle a lot. I'm so thankful for the wonderful friend, husband and dad that Josh is to us. Wow! It's still weird that Josh is a dad!!

While I would love to go back to Cabo San Lucas this week, I'm having way more fun at home. I can't imagine how miserable we would be if we went somewhere! We are going to eat at one of our favorite restaurants tonight. We might go really wild and go get ice cream afterwards! Josh is trying to convince me to leave a bottle tonight so we can stay gone for more than 2 1/2 hours. Brody has never had a bottle, but maybe today can mark two milestones at our house!! haha!

Thanks for a wonderful year, Josh! I love you more than I knew I could!


Kelly said...

Ya'll got married in November too!!!! You were a beautiful bride!!!
We used to eat at James at the Mill for most of our special occasions but I don't think we have been there in several years. Now i'm thinking we need to go soon before Harper is born! ha!
Happy anniversary!

Shannon said...

Happy Anniversary! I had no idea it had only been a year. :) You have had an exciting first year!

Laura Ann said...

Happy Anniversary! Look how beautiful you looked on your wedding day. I hope you guys enjoy a night out. Oh, I remember when Emma took her 1st bottle. She was not good at it at all and would get very sick, hopefully Brody will do better than we did. Take lots of pics and have fun!

Mandi said...

You were a stunning bride!!! WOW...this HAS been a busy year with lots of changes for you. (:
Enjoy the evening out with your hubby.
Our anniversary is Dec. 16th and I think we're going to try an overnight trip...never done that before!

Happy Anniversary!

Leah said...

Happy Anniversary! I have been okay about being induced tomorrow up until today and am now sooo nervous/scared/excited/overwhelmed/etc/etc/etc haha. Like so many nerves that eating is making me sick. i have no idea how I'm really supposed to sleep tonight since we have to be at the hospital at 5:30. Yeah right. I hope all is going great for you guys. So crazy that Brody is almost 6 weeks old already, wow! Time flies huh? Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow!! We check in the hospital at 5:30 then they said around 6 they'll start the pitocin then at 6:30 break my water!! ahhhhh so scared!! We have wifi there and we'll both have our laptops so check the blog sometime tomorrow night, I'm sure Craig will have updated with pics!!

Jenna said...

Happy Anniversary! Have a great night celebrating! You look beautiful in your wedding pic!

Jessica said...

You have had a busy year! Happy Anniversary! : ) Wishing your sweet family of three many, many more!

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! How funny that we share the same anniversary date!

Hope you had a great first anniversary! You're little boy is precious :)