Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and Brody's first road trip!

Friday night we went to my parent's house to eat dinner and pass out candy to trick-or-treaters. (Is treaters a word?) My parent's neighborhood has lots of kids on Halloween, so we thought it might be fun to be over there. Here is Brody in his Halloween costume, compliments of Julee! I love his little socks!

He spent the majority of the night upstairs with my dad and Josh watching tv.
They were having too much fun with him as you can see from these two pictures!
We suprised Josh's parents and went down to Benton on Saturday afternoon. We stayed the night and went to church with them this morning. Here is a picture of the trunk of our car. Can I please remind you that this was our car packed to stay one night in Benton. That didn't even include the pack-and-play. It had already gone down with Josh's parents when they came to visit us. Brody did great on the way down. We had to stop once for a diaper change. He slept the entire trip there and then slept the whole way home tonight. I was a little sore from the ride because of my c-section. I definitely whined more than he did! He did so great!Brody with Mimi and Poppy. They were so excited to see us!!

This afternoon we went to see my friend, Laurie. She, Daniel, Shawn and Anna Kate came up to the hospital for Brody's delivery, but they headed back to Benton pretty quick afterwards that night. Laurie didn't get a chance to hold Brody until today. Here is her and Shawn. It's so weird because Shawn was just a little older than Brody is when I started babysitting him! Now he is almost 7! We went by my grandparent's house before we left town today. Here is a picture of my grandpa with Brody. So sweet!!

We got home late tonight. Brody is still wide awake since he slept the whole way home, so I guess he and I will be watching tv for a while!


Mandi said...

Brody's first Halloween looks like fun! I LOVE the pictures of Brody sitting between your husband and dad...priceless! And the last one with your grandpa is so sweet.

Packing for a baby is ridiculous and it only gets worse! Each time we have taken a trip for several nights it seems like we are loading up our minivan and moving!!!

Shannon said...

All the pictures are great!

The Allens said...

He's already getting so big!

Kelly said...

Happy One Month Birthday Brody!!!
Glad you all enjoyed your family visits this weekend.

Harris Family said...

I laugh at how life changes so quickly when a baby comes into your life! Traveling is never the same again!!! Brody is such a cutie. Glad you guys had a good weekend.

Brooke said...

Next week you are even near Little Rock, I want a call! He is so precious and I can't wait to meet him! Happy one month!