Thursday, November 27, 2008

Brody's First Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was extra wonderful this year because it was our first Thanksgiving with Brody. He is definitely the biggest blessing we have received this year! We are so thankful for him, as well as our entire family.
Brody was smiling at Josh! He loves his daddy and it melts my heart! (Notice he doesn't have his paci and he is actually happy!)

Both of our families had one big Thanksgiving at my parent's house again this year! Josh's parents and grandpa came up for the day, as well as my grandparents and my great aunt. It was nice to have everyone together and to be able to keep things easy for us this year since we have a newborn. I'm thankful our families are close enough to be able to celebrate together.

Here are a few pictures from the day. I didn't get a lot of pictures with everyone and Brody because everyone was trying to get back to Benton after we ate.

Is this special or what?! Out of all the things we own we did this today! We just kind of looked at each other when I walked in the house. It was pretty funny! It made me feel like we were little again, and it made me feel better about my choice of clothing because my sister always dresses so cute! Josh's grandpa, my grandpa, and Josh's dad
Dad, Josh and Gerald swinging the clubs after lunch.
This was the first time my Aunt Della had seen Brody.

Trying to wake up and see everyone!

Big Daddy and Gigi

Everyone left around 5:30 or 6 to head back to Benton. Josh, Brody and I stayed at my parent's house the rest of the night. I feel like I am pregnant with turkey. I probably should go run tomorrow morning. I know one thing I will NOT be doing in the morning and that is hitting the stores to shop! Mom and I did all our Christmas shopping on Black Friday one year when I was in college and I got so upset because a lady stole my parking spot at Target. I talked about it ALL day! It was at that point that I realized I wasn't made for the jungle animal behavior that occurs at stores between women on Black Friday! My only stop tomorrow will be at Hobby Lobby!


Mandi said...

First, Brody looks adorable in that outfit...excellent choice!

Second, I LOVE the picture of Brody smiling at Josh...too cute!

Last, you and your sister look beautiful in your matching outfits.

I'm so glad your first Thanksgiving with Brody was a wonderful celebration. (:

Kelly said...

So special to have your first thanksgiving with Brody!!!! That's neat that you all celebrated together - I'm already thinking of that because I want EVERYONE to get to enjoy Harper next year! :-) We have may have to have all holidays at our house.
So cute that you and your sister dressed a like - so funny! Ya'll are both so pretty!

Lee Ann said...

Josh and Jennifer! I stumbled upon your blog somehow and am so excited to see your family! You have such a beautiful baby boy. You guys look great and it seems like you are doing well.
Lee Ann Dunn (Hinkson)

Jenna said...

Brody is so adorable! I love the matching outfits too - where did you get your sweaters?! I need that for after Brayden comes!

Kelly said...

what an adorable picture of the three of you. I love that he is staring at his Daddy, so content and happy.
How awesome to have both of your families together for Brody's first holiday. That is something to be Thankful for right there. ;)
Too funny you and your sis showing up wearing the same thing. Great minds. I love the sweater.

Heather Schisler said...

I purchased that SAME sweater and black top to wear with jeans on Thanksgiving (No Joke, it's in my closet right now) However, I ended up not wearing it because we did family pictures that morning and I didn't have time to change.

Natalie said...

Can someone tell us where the sweater came from!? It's ADORABLE!! You and your sister look so cute!!

Brody is adorable -- I've been following for quite some time, but have never commented before! Picked up on you from Kelly's blog -- congratulations on your BEAUTIFUL family!