Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tiger Tunes and New Canvas

First, Tiger Tunes and Homecoming are this weekend at OBU, where Josh and I both graduated from. I love TT and I am so sad that I cannot go this year. Some of my favorite memories from college are from TT. I was an EEE in college and we were pretty amazing every year I was in Tunes. Too bad the judges didn't agree. We never won overall either of my years. My junior year we were The Circus. I was a lion tamer. Try not to get too jealous over those gold boot things we wore. If you are looking for me, I am the forth from the left on the bottom row.

My senior year we did Basketball theme. The idea originated from High School Musical and went from there. I was a blue cheerleader that year. This is a picture of my pledge class from that year.

Here is a picture of the blue cheerleaders. I'm in the middle making the sweet face.

Leslie brought over the canvas on Thursday night that she had been working on for Brody. She was in my pledge class at OBU and her and her husband just moved to Fayetteville this summer. I'm so glad she is up here! I love getting to see her more often.

Leslie and Brody

Here is the canvas Leslie painted for Brody. She did an amazing job! The little dragon flies are on his bedding so it matches perfectly!

The canvas over his crib. Now the nursery is finished!


Jessica said...

The cnavas just makes it all pop!!! Very cute!! : )

Lianna Knight said...

Very pretty! She should sell those...I would buy one :)

Shannon said...

Wow, she did a great job on the canvas! It is perfect over the crib. Brody will love that giraffe. Every morning, Connor leans over his crib and hugs his big giraffe. :) But for some reason he calls it "Puppy"!

Laura Ann said...

Jennifer ~ how is sweet little Brody doing? Are you getting any rest? It is all so worth it, huh?

Thanks for your sweet comments and yes I am thrilled to be having a boy. We are truly blessed.

The canvas is oh so cute! Can not wait to see more pictures of your little man!

Kelly said...

I love your tiger tune pics!!! Ya'll were cute things!!!
That canvas is so cute! I love it!

Sarah's Blog said...

Your nursery looks great. I went to Baylor University and we did something similar to your "Tiger Tunes." One year we were all women from different brances of the army. Another year "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" was our theme. It was so much fun, even though we lost, but it made great memoreis. I'll try to find some pictures to post on my blog. I enjoy reading your blog and can't wait to see pictures of your new addition. You will be in my prayers!

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