Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Brody's First Game Day

Since Brody will be here on Saturday, we are planning to watch our first Razorback game together as a family! Of course he needs to be dressed for the game so I took a picture of a couple of the things I packed in our hospital bag for him to wear on Saturday.
The whole outfit is newborn size, but it looks so big!
This is also newborn so if he doesn't wear it this week he will have to wear it soon!

This is what we are bringing to change him into at half time if the game goes the way I think it will go. I'm only kidding..well about the outfit not about us losing the game! We promise to love the Razorbacks even during this losing season!


The Allens said...

Those are too cute! I went to Ole Miss, so I can relate to football frenzy and bad teams.

Thank you SO much for your comment on my blog! I slept MUCH better last night!

Blissfully Enamored said...

Jennifer!! I ramdonly came across your blog! How funny!!

I am sooooooooo excited about you little bundle coming SO soon!! I know you guys are so ready!! I hope you are doing SO great and having so much fun being all married and pregnant!!

Please tell that husband of yours hello for me!!!! :)


Jessica said...

Brody is a Hog fan! Hip, hip, hooray!!! : )

Jenna said...

Love it!

Karen Barnes= Jessica McCash's Mom said...

Hello Jennifer, Where did you find those cute Razorback items in the first picture? So cute.I think I might need some,ha!!! Best wishes on your baby boy. I will say a prayer for you that everything goes smoothly for you. Look forward to up-dates when you feel up to it after Brody arrives, Best wishes, Karen barnes