Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby Kailyn

Our friends, Travis and Desty, from our Sunday school class had their baby on Monday. They named her Kailyn Marie. She weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 20 inches long. Desty was due last Tuesday, but they had to induce this weekend. We went to the hospital to see them yesterday. We were obviously pregnant at the same time and were only due three weeks apart. Here is a picture of us pregnant from an older post.

Here is a picture of Brody, Kailyn and me.

Here is a picture of my friend, Heather, at the hospital holding Brody yesterday. She was at the hospital the night Brody was born, but I don't think we got a picture of her holding him, so I made sure to get one yesterday! Heather has a little boy named Zachary. He is so precious!! He is 9 1/2 months old and started walking this week. He is such a big boy!!

One more story...Desty delivered at the same hospital I did, so when I was walking in yesterday I saw the nurse who took care of me the day I was induced. She was there at 5:30am when I checked in on the day Brody was born and was supposed to get off at 4:00 that afternoon. I was still at 5cm by 4:00, but Debbi told me she was staying up there with me until Brody was born. She said she needed to see this baby! She ended up sitting in on my c-section so that she could see him and once he was born she went home. She was the best nurse. Brody scared us a little bit that day. His heart rate got up to 210 while I was in labor, but Debbi stayed so clam and worked for a few hours getting his heart rate to come down. I'm so thankful she was calm because we were all about in a panic! I hadn't seen her since my c-section, so we were so excited to see each other. She loved getting to see Brody and she gave me a big hug and told me to come see her every time we were up there!! We got amazing care at the hospital!!


Mandi said...

Debbie sounds like a phenomenal nurse - what a blessing she was there the day you delivered Brody!

Baby Kailyn looks so sweet!

Kelly said...

That story makes me excited about delivering there!!!! (maybe not the actual delivery - but I'm glad I'll have nice nurses) ha!

The Allens said...

I didn't know you had a scare with Brody! I am so glad you were at a good hospital with loving nurses!

The Williams' said...

Thank you so much! I am so excited about it! I was looking at your pictures, and I realized that we must have the same taste, because I registered for the same carseat, stroller, and diaper bag you did! Kinda strange huh? Brody is absolutely precious by the way!

Laura Ann said...

Thank God for that wonderful nurse. Hopefully Kelly will get the same one! Looks like litte Brody had his first playdate.

The Bona Fide Preppy Bride said...

Hey I just ran across your blog and I have to tell you.. you look AMAZING to have such a little guy! And he is absolutely gorgeous.. so much personality already! Congratulations :)