Monday, September 8, 2008

36 Weeks and Our Busy Weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend but it was a lot of fun!! We hit 36 weeks on Friday!! Look how much I've grown. I'm actually bigger today than in this picture. I went to the doctor on Thursday and I'm dilated 1/2 cm and 40% effaced. It's starting to feel real now! It's so weird that I could walk around pregnant for another 4 weeks or I could go into labor at anytime! I feel so unprepared all the sudden.

Friday night I cleaned our house like a crazy woman. Josh thinks I'm nesting but it's really just my OCD personality coming out. I just want everything to be perfect before he comes. My sister came over that night and ended up doing some serious work around the house!! I asked Josh fix the drain stop on my sink and Jill actually ended up doing a lot of it. This is really her fixing the sink. No joke!

I got all his bath stuff organized

I put a "changing" basket in our bedroom so we wouldn't have to walk to his room to change him every time he needed it.

On Saturday and on Sunday after church my dad and Josh finished putting up crown molding in the nursery. Now I feel like it is ready for Brody. It's funny because it's not like he is even going to notice that it is in his room but I will sleep better now that it is!

Sunday afternoon our Sunday morning small group hosted a diaper shower for me at Katie's house. It was so much fun!!

Here is our group. There are five of us in this picture that are pregnant! Isn't that amazing?!

All the diapers. It is so great to have gotten so many diapers! That is one thing we shouldn't have to buy too many of too soon!

Jill got a little practice changing Zach's diaper after the shower. I think she's ready now!


Kelly said...

I love all of your organization!!!
Ya'll are stocked up on diapers! that is great!!!
I love that you know Katie! She is really sweet! We are in a wedding together next weekend and we're staying together!

Jenna said...

Your small group looks like so much fun! You have the most adorable baby bump!

Katie said...

He's almost here! Please make sure we're on your "call or email" list!

Jessica said...

Love that invitation!! You look so great! : )

Anonymous said...

ok i am so jealous you just have a little bump. you are too cute. We can't wait to meet little Brody. we have a gift for him. We were talking about gettig a sip and see together since we never had a family shower.