Sunday, September 14, 2008


Since probably junior high or high school I have loved reading the Profiles section of the newspaper. I love reading about events, weddings, and I enjoy reading the answers to the questions that the featured person is asked. So basically I read the entire section of the paper every Sunday. I look at every page, every get what I'm saying.
Tonight, my sister called me and asked if I saw my parents picture in the paper today. I told her I didn't. She told it was in the Profiles section. I told Jill I had read that whole section today, especially since my dad's friend and my boss was the featured profile. I just assumed the picture was small and mom and dad were little ants in a little picture and that is why I overlooked it. I looked in the paper when we got on the phone and the above picture is what I saw. My mom is in the middle and my dad is obviously on the right. Now how did I miss that? Seriously, I looked at that page and the pictures on that page. It's not like it's a small picture.You would think after knowing them for 23 years, I might recognize them!!
I have suddenly become so oblivious to everything! Even this week at work I did something that was so stupid! I'm still laughing about it, well, kind of laughing! There are things at home that I overlook that I'm sure makes Josh question me. There have been two cards on our counter that I have been meaning to mail for over a week. I see them every day but I guess I have looked at them so many times that I don't "see" them anymore. Josh made a comment today about them and I almost died when I realized I never mailed them. I also did that with a reply card to this OBU event that is Tuesday night. I filled it out the day we got it and I have seen it every single day and still forgot to mail it. I think I have a one track mind these days and unless it has to do with the baby, I'm not thinking about it or even noticing it!!


Jessica said...

Fun! We love MaryBeth! We went to a party at her house this summer in Clear Creek. My hubby just left the bank last month to take an engineering internship, but my Dad is still there. He's been there forever. Small world! : )

Kelly said...

I feel like I am the same way these days. So absent minded.
I love the profile section too - I've read it every Sunday since I was a little girl!!! So fun that your parents were in it.
Are ya'll going to the OBU thing? I threw it away and my best friend asked me if I was going. We should have gone and we could have met. This week is just a crazy one for me.