Saturday, September 13, 2008

Brody's Canvas and New clothes

Our friends, Maggie and Ben, came over tonight and brought us a gift for Brody's nursery. It is soooo cute!! We just love it! They had one of their friends, Becca, paint it. We had met her and her husband, Matt, at Maggie and Ben's rehearsal dinner in July. They are such a sweet couple! They have an amazing adoption story. You should check their blog out!

We also went to Old Navy last night because they were having 40% sale on baby clothes. We found a couple of things that I thought Brody "needed"! haha! OK, maybe I just liked them but they were on sale so I didn't feel bad. I do think that ON has a lot more girl clothes than boy clothes though, which is was probably a good thing last night or I might have gone crazy last night!

I love argyle sweaters! Josh has one from Banana Republic that I love. (It's not Mr. Roger's style like this one, though!!) I have wanted to find Brody one so when I saw this one I had to have it! The pants are corduroy.

This also matches the corduroy pants so I thought it would make another cute outfit.

My friend, Brooke, sent these to Brody in the mail this week. I think they are adorable! I especially love the monkey. The one under the overalls has little monkeys all over it as well!Brooke's family adopted, Abby, from China last summer so Brooke is a baby clothes shopping pro now. She is getting married on Oct 4th! I was supposed to be in the wedding but I didn't think it was a good idea to try since my due date is the 3rd!

I think we are just hanging around the house today. I feel like there are always things that can be done before he gets here! I have a question for you moms. Was there anything you wished you had taken with you to the hospital that you forgot or didn't take? We have our bag packed but I'm wondering if I'm forgetting anything.

Have a wonderful day!!


Kelly said...

Those clothes and that canvas are precious!!!! Brody will be here SO SOON!!!!!!

His Doorkeeper said...

The argyle sweater and little corduroy pants are just the cutest thing ever! Just a "little man" look! Brody will be so cute in that!

Praying that all goes well the next couple of weeks! You look great!

Matt and Becca said...

Thanks, Jennifer! Feel free to send your friends (i.e. customers) my way. :)

I was very thankful I had taken some cheap slippers as I am grossed out by hospital floors. We ended up being there longer than expected, and I was so glad to have those. Then I could just toss them (and the germs) when we left.

Katie said...


I loved having my own pillow at the hospital. Take a robe, too!

Brooke said...

AW...I'm glad my clothes got there. Thanks for the shout out- Abby appreciated hers as well. I'm so sad I can't be there for Brodie to be born and sad you won't be at the wedding but you have a pretty good excuse! Miss you!