Friday, September 12, 2008

37 Weeks

37 weeks today!! I am so excited! Today the baby is considered full term! Anytime he is ready to come, we are ready for him. It's crazy to think that it really could be any day now. I'm getting so super nervous about everything.

We went back to the doctor yesterday. I saw my regular doctor this week. Can I please remind you that last week I was told I had started to dilate and I was 40% effaced. Well she checked me today and told me I was going to hate her but I completely closed! What in the world? I decided the doctor I saw last week was giving me a sympathy dilation just to make me feel good about myself! She told me today I could keep my 1/2cm if it made me feel better! haha! I told her it did, so that's my story. You all know the truth though. Really, its not a big deal and I'm really not the least bit upset. It's not like I'm overdue or anything like that, but I just know that I could have him anytime and I'm REALLY ready to meet him!! She did tell me to try and go into labor on Monday because she is on call and that way she can deliver him! I promised her I would pray really hard this weekend, so if you want to pray too that would be great!!:) Other than that I am scheduled to see her again next Thursday.

We had plans to watch the game with friends this weekend. It was going to be a party for our friend who recently passed his bar exam. They decided to move it to another game day so now our only plans are for Saturday night. We have our small group monthly fellowship. I'm looking forward to it!!

Enjoy your Friday!!


Shannon said...

Looking good! :)

Hey, what was your friends name from the shower who cuts hair? And where did she work? I am looking to switch places.

Jenna said...

Sympathy dialation - I love that!!! I'll be praying for Monday!

Melissa said...


I will be praying for Monday!!September 15th sounds like a good day for Brody to arrive.

Have a blessed weekend,

Matt and Becca said...

I'm so glad you liked your painting. I just saw the other artwork you have, and it will be perfect with that! I hope he makes his arrival soon! The end is so miserable and anxiety-ridden. You'll do great. Thanks for the comment.