Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hostesses' Gifts

I have my first baby shower this weekend in Benton. The ladies my mom worked with in the FBC church office are hosting it along with a couple other friends. There are 13 hostesses to be exact! We wanted to do something personalized for each of them but because some of the hostesses were added just this week, we couldn't get things made in time. Instead, my mom and sister came over last night to help me make these.

We made the blue chocolate covered pretzels and then got Sonic gift cards (because we love Sonic and the ladies that my mom worked with go to happy hour every single day) and put them in these take out boxes. I ordered the personalized boxes from a really cute online store. You can't read the sticker but it says "Thank you for helping with Brody's shower." They are really cute!! Here are some pictures of us making these!

This is my sister, Jill. I know in this picture she was pretending that she was cooking on the Food Network. She loves to do that! One night we were eating at my mom and dad's and Jill was making banana pudding in the kitchen. I heard her talking so I went in to see who she was talking to. It turns out she was talking to her "TV audience" about how to make banana pudding! I almost peed my pants. Haha! I'm so dead!!

This is a picture of my mom working on the pretzels! She doesn't always wear her hair like this..she had just been to work out before she came over!! She is still cute though!

Brody and me...hard at work!

31 weeks

Josh was loving his life last night. My dad didn't come over with mom and Jill so Josh had to hang out alone with the TV.

After they left, Josh and I were watching the Food Network (we are Food Network junkies) and they were doing a special on a pizza place. This caused me to have a little 10:00 craving so we got a pizza!! Haha! We have never gotten pizza this late at night ever!! I loev being pregnant!


Kelly said...

What a cute idea for hostess gifts!!! I love that! I may have to steal that idea! :-)
Your mom looks SO young!
Scott would love for me to give in and order pizza at 10 but we never have.
I love the food network too - that's hilarious about your sister! That sounds like something I would do.

Brooke said...

he let you have pizza? HAHA...You are so cute and from your super cute hostess gifts, I see a PTA/Soccer mom in the future! Miss you!

Kelly said...

Dr. Knight was my advisor for the two HORRIBLE years I was pre-med (I nearly flunked out). I switched to business and things were MUCH better. I had no business being in that science building! :-)