Sunday, August 24, 2008

Childbirth Class

We spent all day Saturday at child birth class. We opted to do it all in one day instead of the 6 week class. We were there from 8 to 5! Talk about brain overload. Josh looks like he is all about the "boy" in his blue shirt holding the brown pillows!!

There is not a picture of me from that morning because I spent part of the morning with my old friend morning sickness. I FINALLY stopped getting sick when I was 22 weeks. I took Zofran and did every little trick there was and still no relief. Then, at the beginning of June it stopped. Well yesterday morning I got up to get ready for class and I felt an all too familiar feeling that I had not missed. I told Josh I felt like I did when I had morning sickness and it wasn't 5 seconds later before it was confirmed. Help me Lord! This better not be a revisit. I can't take bending over the toilet with this big belly! I love how the morning sickness stopped when school let out and started back the weekend after school started. Maybe I'm allergic to work!

Anyway, birthing class was a lot of that weird parent kind of fun way! I was so excited about it! There were four other couples in our class. All of them were so sweet. We had a wonderful instructor as well. She let us ask her anything, which was really nice because Josh and I both asked a lot of questions. She even gave me some ideas of things to do to help my back since I spend so much of the day standing. We watched several videos. There is nothing off limits in those videos. Whoa! At one point I was almost in tears watching this woman in pain, then I was in tears when the baby was finally born because I kept thinking about getting to see and hold Brody for the first time. Pregnancy emotions! Now I am more scared about labor and deliver but I feel so much more prepared. I keep telling myself I can do it and actually I have to even if I think I can't because he is going to need to come out at some point!! They gave us several magazines and a book to read so that will keep me busy for the next several weeks. I wish I could have taken pictures in there. Especially when the men had to practice the breathing and birthing. It was so fun! I was too busy coaching Josh at that point to grab my camera.

We went and ate at Noodles after we finished. Then we went home and I fell asleep on the couch. I was so exhausted. My mom called me at one point to see how it went and when my phone rang I tried to turn off my alarm clock because I thought it was morning. I was really tired!! Here is one more picture of the tired dad. He was so much fun yesterday. I couldn't have made it without him! I'm so glad he will be in there with me during all this! He's the best husband and he is going to be a wonderful dad! I'm so thankful for him!

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Kelly said...

Now you have me thinking that we may want to do an all day class instead of a bunch of nights. I'm glad you survived and that Josh did good. I'm afraid Scott may pass out. ha!
P.S. I love your couch and pillows. So cute!