Friday, August 29, 2008

35 Weeks

Today we hit 35 weeks!! Only 5 more to go...or maybe a little less! I tried to wear a Razorback shirt today but I don't really have any that fit these days so the red shirt had to do!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and everything looked good! I start going every week from here out. My doctor is so sweet! She sat and talked with me about all the things to bring in my hospital bag. She even told me so extra things so learned to bring when she had her son last year so that was really helpful. She explained how everything was going to work when I was at the hospital so I feel a lot more prepared now and a lot more comfortable.

One funny story about the doctor's appointment. I got on the scale to weigh and when my weight popped up the nurse told me I didn't look like I weighed that much! Haha!! I took it as a compliment and told her I didn't feel like I weighed that much. The problem is I am 5' 9" so I weigh a little more than most girls my size just because I am so tall. I have gained 22 lbs so far but apparently the scale makes it seem like I have gained 40 lbs because of the number. She told me my weight gain was great and not to worry about it. Anyway, it was pretty funny!
Yay for some football tomorrow! I can hardly wait! GO HOGS!

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Kelly said...

No wonder you look so tiny with just a little bump - you are TALL and thin! You have done good to just gain 22 lbs!!
I think you told me this (but I can't remember anything) - is Dr. Seale your doctor too? I love her!