Friday, August 22, 2008

34 weeks

I'm 34 weeks today! It seems so crazy that in 6 weeks or less our precious little boy will be here! Josh and I can hardly wait. We are getting so excited! It is starting to seem so real now!

We have nothing planned for tonight, other than making tacos and watching a movie, which makes me very happy after a long work week. I'm very tired and while I would love to sleep in tomorrow we have big plans instead. Tomorrow is our birthing class. We are doing it all in one day instead of the 6 week class that is offered. I think it will be fun as well as helpful. I have been getting really nervous about childbirth so I think this will help ease some of my fears and concerns. I guess it could make it worse if I know too much after tomorrow. I love how people have started telling me birthing horror stories now that I am close to going through it myself. Hopefully, I will have some good pictures and funny stories to post tomorrow night.
Have a happy weekend!

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