Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2008 Forty Under 40

My wonderful husband was named one of the "2008 Forty under 40" for the NWA Business Journal! I am so proud of him. Josh has only worked in NWA for a year, so I am very proud that he was given this honor. I can't think of anyone who is more deserving...but I am kind of partial! He was in a class with 39 other amazing business men and women whom were all equally deserving of the honor.

Josh and I celebrated last night by going to Doe's to eat. He loves steak and at this point in my pregnancy I could eat red meat at least 3 times a week, so I was very excited about his choice. It was soooo good!!

Today was the luncheon honoring the 40. I got a sub so I could attend the luncheon with Josh. His parents and grandpa came up to go with us. My parents and sister went as well. It was great to have everyone up here together, although the topic of the day was how much I had grown in two weeks! I kept reminding everyone that Brody was growing, not me!! Here are some pictures from today. I forgot to get one of mom and dad because they both had to get back to work after the luncheon!

And of course a trip to Fayetteville is never complete without baby gifts. Today, Josh's grandpa gave us our swing. It matches his travel system and his highchair that we have already received. Tonight we are going to a birthing and labor class offered through our clinic. They give you a tour of the hospital which is one of the main reasons we are going!! I'm so excited. I hope there are babies in the nursery. I might scream just knowing we are getting closer. I think I'm on a baby high! What a great day...no work, hubby honored, new swing and now hospital and nursery tour! I can't wait for Brody to get here!!


Kelly said...

That's so great about Josh - what an honor!!!
Does's is our favorite too!!!! We eat there TOO much!
You look so pretty in your purple dress - where did you find such a cute maternity dress?
I love the swing - I saw that travel system and really liked the pattern. SO hard to choose!

Jessica said...

We are from NWA, too! Congrats to your hubby! How fabulous! : )