Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Morning

I would like to share with you all how my morning began. First, I had to get up to go to a meeting for work at 9:00. I don't mind meetings. I LOVE the girls I work with and I enjoy getting to visit with them outside of a classroom setting. What some of you may not realize is that public school employees are on contract from mid-August until June 1st of the following year (basically only when school is in session). That means that we have no work obligations for the months of June, July and part of August. It also means that anything we do in the classroom or in training in those months is on our own time and we are not paid for it. This has a point I promise.
This morning I got up to get ready for my meeting that I have no obligation to go to, but "needed" to attend. I turned on the shower and waited for the water to warm up and nothing happened. Five minutes and still no hot water. None. Zero. I asked Josh to go turn up the temperature on our hot water heater. I thought that might be the problem. Still nothing. Our house isn't even a year old and our hot water tank wouldn't work. Great! I was faced with a choice. Take a cold shower so I can attend a meeting that I'm not getting paid for or obligated to attend or call and say I have a problem.

I played through in my head what that phone conversation might sound like, "This is Jennifer. I'm sorry, although it is 100 degrees outside and I complain every second of the day about the heat because it is hard being pregnant in July, I can't come to the meeting this morning because my hot water tank is messed up and I have no hot water. Cold showers aren't acceptable, even though I spend half the day with my head in my kitchen freezer." You see the logic in me calling in, right? So I had to get in or I was going to be late. About 73 seconds later I was finished. It's amazing how I cut my shower time by about 8 minutes and 47 seconds. Who knew I had it in me? If you are wondering, the hot water heater is now fixed. We called the builder and he had someone out here really quick. I was so happy to see him!!
On another note, I have now discovered a new talent. Well it actually may be my only talent, so I am going to flaunt it while I have it!! I no longer need a table to rest my plate or bowl on when I eat. I no longer have to hold my Bible, book or magazine in bed. Brody holds it for me!! Haha!

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