Saturday, July 26, 2008

Farmer's Market

This morning Josh and I got up early and went to the Farmer's Market at the square in Fayetteville. It was something we both had been wanting to do this summer, but because our Saturdays have been so busy with various activities we have not be able to go this year. Today we decided we were going!

We got up at 7:00, which I really do not enjoy doing on Saturdays,but I knew it would be fun and well worth it! We left our house around 7:30 and stopped by the ATM to get cash because we all know that you can't use a debit card there and between the two of us we are lucky if we ever have $5 in cash.
We got to the square and spotted my mom so we caught up with her and started shopping. I am not much of a vegetable shopper so I was glad mom was with us. She had already walked around and looked and found the good prices and best looking vegetables so she was able to tell us where to get some of the things we were looking for. She also got me this cool bag to put all my vegetables in so that I didn't have to carry a plastic grocery bag. I was serious about shopping at that point!!
Josh and I walked around and bought several different things. It was really fun to see what all people grow!! I would have a yard full of death if I tried to grow a garden. Everything would be brown and dead...sort of like the flower pot on my back patio!! Anyways, we bought corn, squash, zuncchini, tomatoes and new potatoes. We are going to cook all of our vegetables tonight. I'm always excited about eating but I am really excited about tonight!!! Here's what we bought!

After we were finished shopping, Josh bought me a breakfast burrito at this little stand. It was sooo good!! Josh has on the ball cap, not the tall sombrero!! (I know you were wondering!!)

While we were sitting around we saw the biggest dog we have ever seen!!! Everyone was stopping and talking to the owner. She told Josh the dog was an Irish Wolfhound and only a year and a half old, but weighed 150lbs!! He was a such sweet and friendly dog!! I loved watching all the little dogs walk past him. They would try and act real tough and then they would run away! It was so cute!! Isn't he huge?

We had lots of fun together this morning but I think we will probably both need a nap this afternoon!!!


Shannon said...

Ok, are you sure that was a dog?!?!?! It looks like a horse!! :)

Kelly said...

Hi - I saw on my stats you had linked to me so I came over to visit. I read on your last post you went to OBU - is that Ouachita? I went to Ouachita (a million years ago) and LOVED it!
Congratulations on the baby!!!! I know you are getting so excited - you are a cute pregnant girl!