Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baby Clothes

After we got the dresser put together yesterday (by we I mean Josh) I decided to wash some of Brody's clothes and start putting them away. He has several cute onesies that I wanted put in drawers so I could get to them easily when we have to change him. Josh and I sat on the floor and took price tags off of everything while holding these tiny little clothes up to each of us just to compare sizes. Neither of us can believe that in 10 weeks or less we will have someone in our house that is that tiny and that is our responsibility!! It's crazy!

I washed all his little clothes (I'm praying hard the tech was right and he is a boy because I can't take those clothes back now) and put them away in the drawers. I felt so accomplished to have that done! Josh says it because I love nesting. Maybe true or maybe it just makes me feel like he is almost here. Either way, I thought I would show you just a few of his newborn clothing that I love. We will not have our first shower until August so I am sure after that I will have new favorites. These are some of the cute ones that I cannot wait for him to wear!!

I love the cute little bear hat that goes with this! I'm not for sure you can read the onesie but it says Three Little Bears.

Another favorite for obvious reasons!! His every Saturday outfit!! Maybe he can go to one tailgate before the season is over. The pacifier has a little Razorback on it as well! So cute!This next one is so cute to me but it is more my favorite because it was the first thing I bought when I found out we were having a boy!! I love the little dots!! I know he will be so sweet sleeping in this little outfit!


Shannon said...

That crib bedding is so cute Jennifer! :)

Mandi said...

I'm reading through old posts on your blog to catch up! Baby D had the same polka dot pajamas and they are sooo cute! Love the three bears outfit!