Sunday, June 22, 2008

One busy weekend

I'm sitting here typing this and I cannot believe it is already Sunday night! Where did the weekend go? Ours was a very busy one, as they tend to be this time of year with weddings, showers, and vacations. This weekend was a shower weekend for of many this month I might add. We actually were helping host the shower that was Saturday night so we left Saturday morning around 9:00 to head to Benton for the day. We got into town, ate lunch with his parents, went a made a quick visit, and went to the Burton's house to help set up. By the time we go there it was pretty much set up. Then we ran a few errands and went to Josh's house to change before we had to be back over at the Burton's house by 6:00. The party was over around 10 and we headed back to Fayetteville. That made for a very long day!

We got back home around 1:15 and I waited until my mom called to tell me she was back at her house before I went to bed. I think it was about 2 before I got into bed. A mere 5 hours from being a 24 hour day. That would not have been any big thing 6 months ago but you get pregnant and Whoa!! I was pooped! Unfortunately, Brody was not. I made the mistake of having a Diet Coke on the way home so that I could stay awake with Josh. I have had caffeine only a few times since I have been pregnant so he never has caffeine and he never will again.

It was like someone had just given him a very powerful energy drink. I thought at one point he was going to just shoot out of my belly. I'm almost positive he tried because I could see him doing it. Not just feel it, but I watched him try and work his way out. He was almost successful. Almost. That poor baby was the most excited he has ever been and probably the most loaded on caffeine he has ever been. He was having the time of his life. He kicked, punched, flipped, waved, stretched, ran, jumped, skipped, hopped, and whatever else he had room to do. At 2:30 he was still going nuts! I could tell the end was no where in sight. Somehow, by God's grace, I was able to get to sleep...Finally!!

Today, he has moved maybe once. I know he hit the wall at some point in the middle of the night. I literally have only felt him move a few times today. He has to be exhausted...and sore from his little party last night. I'm sure he will wake up just in time for mommy to go to bed. He is learning early!!

We also purchased Brody's crib today! I'm so excited! I had been looking at cribs for weeks and weeks and had finally narrowed it down to a few. This morning Josh went to get the paper and we noticed that one of the cribs we liked was actually on sale at Target. Josh called and they only had a couple left, so we headed to Target to pick one up. Here is a picture of it. We got ours in a cherry finish.
I hope you had a great weekend!!

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