Thursday, June 5, 2008

The blog is up....Finally!!

Even though my friends have suggested blogging for months, I am just getting around to doing it. I thought this might be an easier way to keep everyone informed about our new little guy as well as the preparations taking place at our house as we await Brody's arrival. We are very excited and can hardly wait for him to get here, although we have so much to do before October!! I posted some pictures of me and my growing belly! It is amazing how much it has grown just over the past couple of weeks. I will be 23 weeks tomorrow. The morning sickness just ended last week and I am finally feeling great!

This was me at 10 weeks....I thought I was big then!! hahaha!!

This was me at 12 weeks! Starting to grow!!!

This is me at 16 weeks...the picture is deceiving because I had just eaten Mexican food and that shirt made me look extra pregnant!

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