Friday, June 20, 2008

25 weeks

I am 25 weeks today! I find myself getting more and more excited about Brody's arrival each and every day, even if I am a little nervous about the way he has to get here!! I love being pregnant although it has taken me a few months to say that and mean it. I just ended my bout with morning sickness when I was 22 weeks. I told Josh the other night that I think I have forgotten how bad that time was and how yucky I felt. Every time I feel his little feet kick or I see him move across my belly I remember that I would do it all over again just to experience all these fun movements now. He is just so cute!! I probably tell Josh at least once a day that I just want to hold Brody. I want him right up by my neck. I want his little bottom in my hand. I want to smell his baby skin. I honestly cannot wait!

On the other side of these wonderful experiences comes the not always so wonderful parts of pregnancy. For one, I cannot stay cool. We could put the air on 50 in the house and I would complain. It is crazy!! I was riding with my dad in the car a few weeks ago and he has dual air control in his front seat of his car. I had the temperature on my side as low as it would go and the air was blowing almost as high as it could go. I was wearing a sleeveless shirt and my dad had on a long-sleeved button up. He finally had to ask me to turn my temperature up a little because he was so cold! I was still sweating! No lie!

To add to the lovely aspects of pregnancy, I noticed the line appeared on my belly this week. It's not really dark and it doesn't go that high yet, but it is there. I am a real pregnant girl now. It is so weird to have no control over my body. Every morning when I walk past the mirror I still look twice. It happens everyday. I am amazed at how my body has changed over the past few months and at times the change is literally over night. There are good things to all these changes.

I love elastic pants.
I love being able to eat all the time.
I love being able to stop at any point in the day and lay excuse is that I'm pregnant.
I love that Josh sympathy eats with me and eats things I have never seen him eat. Ever.
I love a lot of things about being pregnant!

Most of all I love my sweet Brody and my amazing husband! I cannot imagine a girl who has it better than me. I am incredibly blessed!

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