Tuesday, June 10, 2008

23 Weeks and Growing

We hit the 23 week mark on Friday! Yay!! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by. I am so ready for Brody to get here, but we have so much to do before he can come. I am blessed to be home from now until the middle of August when Fayetteville Public Schools start back. Hopefully, I will get a lot accomplished in his room and around the house in the next two months.

Brody is becoming so active these days!! He still has plenty of room to move around so I am sure he loves that he can just flip, roll, and kick whenever he pleases. The poor guy has no idea how tight it will be in there in just a few short weeks! I couldn't get to sleep last night. Everytime I was about there he would start flipping and kicking. I think he had some elbow and knee action going as well. Part of me just didn't want to go to sleep because I wanted to feel all he was doing. I think I woke Josh up 3 or 4 times trying to get him to feel Brody move,but as soon as Josh would put his hand on my belly Brody stopped. I thinks it's funny when he does that!! It's like he knows Josh is trying to feel him!! Hopefully, he can feel the baby soon.

We have started reading to him, which some people might think is weird, but I think it is never to early to start! We have lots of fun books that we have gotten for him. I usually let Josh read them because he can read close to my belly. I'm not for sure if Brody likes it or not, but I enjoy reading children's books so it's a good excuse for me. My mom bought him Pat the Bunny which was one of my favorite books when I was little, so we read that a lot as well.

I went to the doctor last week for my monthly appointment. She said everything looked perfect! His heartbeat was very strong and I measured just where I should for 23 weeks. She even told me I was doing great on the weight gain which is a relief considering some of the things I eat these days. I am taking any excuse to eat junk around Josh Francis!! She did suggest that I stop running. I had continued running and most of the runs had been around 3 miles. I have switched to walking and doing the eliptical. It is so boring to me so I try to walk 30 minutes in the morning and do the eliptical at night for 30 minutes. I would really rather run, but I am trying to be a good patient and a good mommy. Josh and I decided to go walking Sunday night and as soon as we were out of the driveway I started jogging down the street. He told me to stop, so I did! Good thing he keeps an eye on me!! :)

Below is a picture of me at 23 weeks! There is no denying that I am pregnant!!

We love this sweet boy sooo much!!

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